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A parade in the 1920s, turning into Church Street
The Church bells - ready for rehanging in 1920
A lifetime away ......
Above left - a parade (probably a Hospital Sunday parade) turns into Church Street in about 1925.
In the background is Rock Terrace, which stood at the bottom of Pioneer Avenue.
Above right - the bells of the parish church, ready to be rehung in 1920.

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  • 09-09-21 - Thanks to Steve Cheney, three cricket team photos from the 1990s have been added to the cricket team photos index in the sport & Liesure section
  • 19-08-21 - A comprehensive article by author and family historian Francis Howcutt on Richard Boyville (d.1511), whose family is commemorated on a ledger stone in the floor of St. Mary's Church, has been added to the People section here and his will is here in the Genealogy/Wills section.
  • 17-08-21 - We're now back after an enforced break due to Covid-related issues. The story of the Rockingham Rebels, the 1980s local American Football side is now in the Sports & Leisure section here. A youth team from 1943/4 has been added to the Sports & Leisure section here. These and many other sports teams can be found in the Sports & Leisure Index.
  • 04-04-21 - Thanks to Steve Cheney, two cricket team photos have been added: Burton Latimer 2nd XI 1979 and another team from c1992. A court case involving a lady defrauding her own sister is here
  • 04-03-21 - A reminder of John Northern's long service with the Ambulance Service has been added here and details of some of the men employed by Burton's early bus companies are here
  • 25-02-21 - The cricket team photo index now includes Burton Latimer Cricket Club 1981
  • 14-02-21 - Neil Burns has supplied many new names to be added to the St. Marys Infants School 1979-80 and 1981-2 photographs.
  • 02-02-21 - Additions have been made to the Street Names page in the History section. Neil Burns has given us names to add to East Lea football teams 1983-4 and 1984-5 and Roger Burns has found some names for St. Mary's Infants 1978-9 and 1979-80
  • 24-12-20 - Veronica George (nee Clement) has found some 1968/9 Council Junior School photos which have been added here Mrs. Smyth's Class 1969 and a 1968 Easter competition photo here in Schooldays Gallery 12. Julie Dragedore has provided a named photo of a c1963 Burton Youth Football team.
  • 09-12-20 - Several names have ben added to the Margaret Sewell Gallery in the Education section. Minor alterations have been made to the list of policemen here. Kathryn Toop's photograph has been added to Mollie Toop's story here.
  • 19-11-20 - Tim Fuller grew up in Burton Latimer in the harsh 1920s and 30s. His story is here in the People section.
  • 23-10-20 - New information has resulted in updates to the Electric Palace Cinema and Coffee House pages. Minor amendments have been made to the Horse and Groom page, Mr.White's 1969 page and the Mollie Toop SJAB to SRN page
  • 20-10-20 - New photos have been added from Mr. White's collection. Amendments have been made to the Red Cow page and Shops D (south of Churchill Way)
  • 26-09-20 - A new Schooldays Gallery has been started here for photographs from Mr Dennis White's collection from the County Mixed and Meadoside Junior Schools. It will be gradually added to.
  • 12-09-20 - Mollie Toop's progress from St. John Nursing Cadet to State Registered Nurse and State Certified Midwife is here, Tracey Brown (nee Newberry) has added some names to Schooldays Photo Gallery 8
  • 07-09-20 - The court cases resulting from the Penn Hedge Riot were recorded at length in Burton Latimer Churchwardens' Accounts books, which have been transcribed and are here.
  • 03-09-20 - The Penn Hedge Riot that took place on Burton Wold in 1633 has been added to the War & Civil Disturbance section. Minor alterations have been made to the History of St. John Ambulance in Burton Latimer and the Griff's Harmonica Rascals page
  • 04-08-20 - The Meadowside Junior Netball team of 1985 has been added, thanks to Susan Page. A name has been added to the Council Infants School 1954-5 class photo thanks to Val (Muir) Butcher. Barry Noble has sent us a page from the Best of Britain magazine that features him.
  • 29-07-20 - Anne Hull (nee Papworth) has given us the story of the Papworth family here in the Genealogy section and has recorded her memories of growing up in Burton here in the History section. John Eben Taylor has been added to the Obituaries.
  • 13-07-20 - The 1806 will of Richard Harper has been added to the wills in the Genealogy section
  • 08-07-20 - Covid-19 restrictions have led to the cancellation of the Burton Latimer Heritage Society 2020 AGM. The Financial Accounts for the year ending Dec 31 2019, which were approved by the Trustees and sent to the Charity Commission, have been attached to the About Us section.
  • 07-07-20 - Damage to the Rectory garden was followed by a court case reported here and Mrs Millman's Meadowside Infants Class of 1975 has been amended.
  • 04-07-20 - Three more wills from National Archives (Reve, Lovell and Taylor) have been added to the Genealogy section.
  • 03-07-20 - Thanks to Susan Page Mrs Millman's Meadowside Infants Class of 1975 has been added to the School Photo section
  • 30-06-20 - Thanks to Jim Aveling, many new names have been added to a St. Mary's Junior Church School photo, originally thought to have been 1947/8 but now dated 1951. The will of John Baker has been added to the Burton Latimer wills from National Archives. Joanne Coleman has given many names for Mrs. Pearson's Meadowside Infants class 1975-6 and Christy Doughty has found the last name for Meadowside Netball A Team.
  • 28-06-20 - A "Thank-you" to Anthony Stobart who has found many names for the Meadowside Junior School Football team 2000 and the 1999 Meadowside Junior School Netball A Team and B Teams. and Donna Bellamy who has found several names for the Schooldays Gallery-2 page, fifth photo down.
  • 26-06-20 - Some additions have been made to the Red Cow Inn and Band Club pages in the Pubs and Clubs section. Thanks to Peter Fox, names have been added to Miss Pack's class 1956 and Mr. White's class 1961. The list of Burton Latimer policemen has has an addition.
  • 18-06-20 - Sixteen wills from National Archives have been transcribed by Janet Meads and added to the Genealogy pages. Surnames include Arch, Bromfylde, Bucknill, Burnaby, Harper, Michael, Miller, Palmer, Payne, Rymill, Robinson, Wallis and Wood.
  • 16-06-20 - Two East Lea football team photos have been added to the school sports team section.
  • 10-06-20 - John Ball, a Burton mason, was pardoned by King George III in 1802 - read about it here in the Crime section
  • 08-06-20 - John Lack has added to the memories of Charlie Charles. Burton Latimer's agricultural output in the years 1794 and 1795 are listed here in the Agriculture section. A mid-1920s Church School photo has been named by Anette Nutty Turner here
  • 02-06-20 - Burton character Charlie Charles has been added to People section. Some interesting early wills (Burnaby, Palmer and Robinson) have been added - search under Genealogy/Other Burton Latimer Wills
  • 27-05-20 - Nick Billington has added to the names on the photograph of Meadowside Junior Football Team 1979-80 and suggested some changes to Marching Pathfinders 1984 photo names
  • 26-05-20 - An account of the army units that used Burton Wold tank training area during WW2 and their effect on life in Burton Latimer is here. Alan Brown has supplied more names for Mr. White's 1961 class at Burton Latimer County Junior School.
  • 16-05-20 - Christine (Adams) Reader has sent a photo of Mrs. Noville's class 1961-2 at St. Mary's Junior School here
  • 10-05-20 - Anette Nutty Turner has given us a photo of East Lea St. Mary's netball team 1985-6 - just a few more names needed though.
  • 09-05-20 - A further photo has been addd to End of the War page here. A gruesome find in Wold Road is reported here
  • 07-05-20 - Celebrations to mark the end of the Second World War are detailed here in the War section. Michelle (Reed) Walsh has supplied many new names for Meadowside Infants 1974-5
  • 05-05-20 - Thanks to Rober Gunn Mr. White's Class of 1955-6 has been added to the Council Junior School photos and thanks to Carole (Smith) O'Neill all the names bar one have been found. Modifications made to the article on Papworth's shop in the Retail section
  • 02-05-20 - An account of the life of Douglas Ashby has been added to the People page
  • 30-04-20 - There are now nearly 350 newspaper extracts containing death, inquest and funerals that can be accessed through the Genealogy Index pages, with most giving family and occupation details
  • 25-04-20 - The Horse & Groom and Horse & Groom Fun day pages in the Pubs & Clubs section has been updated with photos and information from George Dales, son of Billy and Lena Dales who kept the pub in the early 1950s
  • 23-04-20 - Nearly 250 newspaper extracts containing death, inquest and funeral details have been added to the Genealogy section. They can be accessed via the Genealogy Index pages and are linked with cemetery burials and memorials.
  • 12-04-20 - The Burton Latimer Cemetery burials 1912-2005 pages are being updated regularly with links to other pages containing information concerning the deceased.
  • 09-04-20 - A 1973-4 County Junior School, an Ash House football team photo and a Meadowside Class 4P 1974-5 photograph have been added to the Education section. Further additions and corrections have been made to the graves database (below)
  • 02-04-20 - A database of numbered graves has been added to aid the location and identification of graves in the cemetery without memorials. H.C.(Bert) Eady has been added to the Transport section.
  • 01-04-20 - W. Lovett & Sons' transport business has been added to the Transport section and changes made to the Smith's Transport Services page
  • 31-03-20 - A major database of Burton Latimer Cemetery burials 1912-2005 with grave numbers has been added to the Genealogy section here.
  • 25-03-20 - Some photographs of MPs meeting their Burton Latimer constituents over the last 80 years have been added here.
  • 03-03-20 - A summary of Burton Latimer's Members of Parliament is here in the History section and also one of Burton Latimer's saddest days when three young men were killed in a Christmas Day accident in 1953 has been added. Four football teams have been added to the Football Team index: A 1976 Weetabix loaders team, a 2000 Weetabix company team, Burton Park Wanderers teams of 1988 and 1995 Two Weetabix cricket teams from 1951 and 1961 have been added to the Cricket Team index.
  • 25-02-20 - The Leisure Index page has two new entries, one about Bo Patrick's argument with British Gas in 2014 and the other about a 1885 football match. Burton Latimer Celtic F.C. has been added to the football team photos index
  • 10-02-20 - After the Christmas and New Year break the web team encountered technical problems which has meant a longer break than usual. Thanks to Gary Tewart this has now been fixed and work has recommenced with a report about two bill-stickers going to court. Also a name has been added to Mrs. Pearson's Class photo 1975-6 but many more are needed - please?
  • 18.01.2018 - Inputting has started again after the Christmas and New Year break. Following emails from Mary Deehan (nee Lally - Australia) the Council Infants 1954-5 photo has been updated and Joanne Hillyard (nee Drage) and Liz Martin have been able to update St. Mary's Infants c1976 with several new names. In the People Section we have added Miss Elsie Hobbs
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