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Schooldays - Gallery 12

Council Junior School : 1960s

This page is the twelfth of a series, showing school scenes captured on camera over the years.
Royal Flashpast

Children of Burton Latimer Council Schools await the drive-past of the Queen in July 1965
July 1965

Children wait outside the School for the Queen and prince Philip to drive past on their way from
Kettering to Higham Ferrers. Miss Leach can be seen in the centre of the picture, by the school gate

Competition Winners

Burton Latimer Council School - Easter Competition winners - mid-1960s
Winners of the Easter Competition - mid 1960s (possibly 1966)

Left to Right: 1. Ian Hicks, 2. Susan Law, 3. Julie C Smith, 4. Belinda Birnie,5. Paula McCann,
6. Margaret Payne, 7. Marie Clement, 8. Susan Hart, 9. David Linnell, 10. Ian Parker, 11. Barbara Pernak

Burton Latimer Council School - Airplane Modelling Competition winners - mid/late 1960s
Winners of the Aircraft Modelling Competition - mid/late 1960s

Left to Right: 1. Zak Dohnalek, 2. Dacid Stretton, 3. Michael Wallace, 4. Stephen Wiles

Craft Project

Burton Latimer Council School - Classroom Project 1969
Classroom Project 1969

Letf to Right: 1. Ann Cosby, 2. ---?---, 3. Lynne Chisholm, 4. Vaughn Meads

Recorder Group

Burton Latimer Council Junior School  - Class 1E Recorder Group 1969
Class 1E Recorder Group 1969

Standing: 1. Peter Briggs, 2. Terry Blissett, 3. Janet Farmer, 4. Sally Childs, 5. Diana Bird

Seated: 1. Catherine Johnson, 2. Carol Chisholm, 3. Lynne Chisholm, 4. Vaughn Meads,
5. Pauline Matravers, 6. Mandy Lane

Easter model competition - Mrs. White's Class - 1969

L-R: Susan Beeby, Nigel Benn and Veronica Clement

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