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Schooldays - Gallery 2

Meadowside Infants School 1970s

This page is the second of a series, showing school scenes captured on camera over the years.

14 Margaret Sewell Gallery

Meadowside Infants with Mrs Fenton in about 1971
Mrs Fenton (formerly Miss Roberts) and pupils
at Meadowside Infants School in about 1971

L-R : Gary Eatock, Mrs Fenton, Sharon Fordham, Jeff Mills, Russ Chamberlain, -?-,
-?-, Kim Humphries, David Maslin, -?-, Jane Pethwick,Paul Bryan, Catherine Patrick,
Lesley Cooper, Philip Moorcroft, Nick Meads, Gary Brudnell, Sally Farmer

Linda Burgin is standing behind the girl with a bow in her hair and her elbow on the desk
who may be named Trudy. Can anyone supply any other names?

Mrs Peggy Pearson with three children in her class in about 1971
Mrs Pearson with schoolchildren ---?---, Julie Bucknell, Tracey Thurlow

Can anyone name the boy?

Mrs Williams with two children in her class in about 1971
Mrs Williams with --?-- (can anyone identify him?) and David Woods

Note on the wall behind her - the list of names with the stars against them.
As this isn't a coloured photo, we can't say whether or not the stars are gold ones!

Miss mason with children in her class
Miss Mary Mason with pupils (can anyone identify them?) in the 1970s

Meadowside Class - early 1970s
A classroom scene in the early 1970s

Donna Bellamy has named the nearest table: L-R: ..?, ..?, Lynn Beeby, Julie Bullard,
Donna Bellamy, Donna Hutchings, ..?
At the back in the V-neck jumper is Michael Corrigan, further back is Julie Lane.


Meadowside Infants opening 1971
The newly opened Meadowside Infants School in 1971

Paul Bryan has contacted us to tell us that he is the ringed pupil. Are you in the photo?

Burton Latimer Meadowside Infants - the planting of a tree in 1977
Councillor Albert Morby and pupils at a ceremonial planting of a silver birch tree to mark
the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. Councillor Morby was a School Manager and also Mayor of Kettering


Meadowside Christmas Nativity Play 1973
The Nativity Play in 1973

Meadowside Christmas Play 1974
The Christmas Play in 1974

Meadowside Christmas Nativity Play 1975
The Nativity Play in 1975


Burton Latimer Meadowside Infants School Staff in 1974
Meadowside Infants School Staff in 1974

Back row : ---?---, Joan Griffiths, ---?---, Geraldine Hardwick, ---?---, Margaret Jackson

Front Row : Mrs Freestone, Mrs Pearson, Miss Sewell (Head), Miss Brown, Mrs Cleaver

Can anyone help with the missing names?

Meadowside Infants School Staff in 1977
Meadowside Infants School Staff in 1977

Back row : Margaret Jackson, Geraldine Hardwick, Betty Elliot, Jean March, Evelyn Millman,
June Preedy,

Front Row : Joy Croft, Peggy Pearson, Margaret Sewell (Head), Pat Cleaver, Jill Haynes

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