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Schooldays Gallery 14
The Margaret Sewell Gallery

Margaret Sewell

The photographs in this gallery were given to Burton Latimer Heritage Society by Miss Margaret Sewell who was headteacher at Meadowside Infants' School. They are not yet in chronological order.

Several people contributed to naming these pupils through Facebook. If we have misunderstood your directions or misspelled the names please get in touch again. It is our custom to give the girls their maiden names.

Meadowside Xmas concert 1980/1
Left: Meadowside Infants' School Christmas Concert c1980/1
Back row: Joanne Hull, Katie Gorden, Santa: Mark Reilly,
Lorna Johnson. Middle row: Michael Randall, Nicola Rollins,
Sam Gorden, Jason Biles, Justin Cox, James Thompson
Christopher Jack. Front row: Dawn Woolmer, David
Walker, Kate O'Neil, Adam Taylor, Clare Hancock.
Meadowside Infants clowns
Left: A Meadowside concert, thought to have been circa 1985

L-R: Helen Gunn, Matthew Blythe, Laura Askew, Debbie Streather,
Michael Beckett.

Meadowside Infants "circus"
Left: Another photograph from the Meadowside concert.
No names yet.
Boys as pixies at meadowside Infants concert Meadowside concert The Seven Meadowside Dwarfs
A group of "fish" from the early 1980s
At the back are twins Robert?/Craig? or
Neil, Charlotte Bryant, Emma
Bowman. Bottom L-R Adrian, Paul Marlow?
Joanne Brielat
We would love to hear from you if you
know some names. Be sure to identify the
picture and the clothes worn by the child
A group of "dwarfs" from the early 1980s
Meadowside School picnic Meadowside Infants picnic
Meadowside Infants picnic 1980s?
Meadowside Infants picnic 1980s?
Boy racers Two boy characters Cats?
Another group of shy-looking boy racers.
Names please?
We'd love to know what these boys
are supposed to be.
The Meadowside Infants birds the Meadowside Infants little angels
The Birds
Back row:Samantha Parker, Emma Perkins, Lisa
Gazeley. Middle row: Paul Coleman and Craig Gilbert
Front: Neil Farrow

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