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Schooldays - Gallery 1

Council Schools 1930s - 1950s

This page is the first of a series, showing school scenes captured on camera over the years. These were taken in addition to the standard Annual Class Photo. They offer a glimpse into an era which has now gone forever, but one which those who lived through the relevant period will instantly recognise - the clothes, the shoes, the hairstyles!

14 Margaret Sewell Gallery

Playground Poses
Boys Group in playground c.1935
A group of boys in the playground at the Junior School in about 1935.

Back Row: Derrick Cole, Phil Chamberlain, Len Earl, Terry Miller, Bob Knight,
Aubrey Mawby, Ray Hobbs
Middle Row: Henry Underwood, Sid Fuller, Frank Wright, Colin Bennett,
Merv Underwood, Fred Eaves
Front Row: Ken Mason, Ron Sturgess, Den Neviile, Phil Wittering, Ron Parker

Mr Cable  - Class Group in 1951
A group from Mr Cable's Class pose in the playground in 1951.

Back Row: Geoff Whiteman, David Baish, Billy White
Middle Row: Sheila Pettitt, Heather Patrick, Jean Drage, Eunice Bray,
Betty Arnold, Anne Cope
Front Row: Pat Granger, Ann Lewis

Infants school yard 1952
The Infants School yard in 1952

L-R : Christine Cox, Teresa Randall, Marilyn Brown and Sheila Staley
pose with those old gym standbys - the hoop and the rough raffia exercise mat!

Infants school yard 1952
The Infants School yard in 1952

L-R : Mary Lally, Susan Underwood and Teresa Randall demonstrate their skipping skills
while Pat Childs and an un-named teacher look on

The Maypole

Burton Latimer Council School Infants - the playground maypole 1942-3
The Maypole in the playground of the Council Infants School c.1936

Amongst the known names of these children in their early example of unisex clothing are:
Janet Burgess, David Hull, Betty Loak (fair hair nearest camera), Brian Foster (on her left)
and John Meads (hiding behind the maypole). Can you add others?

Burton Latimer Council School Infants - the playground maypole 1942-3
Still in use here at the Infants School in 1942-3, the Maypole would be virtually
obsolete as an educational facility by the mid-1950s

Names given are: Peter Clipson, Coral Clipson, Micky Clifton, Marina Messenger,
Shirley Hutchinson, Maurice Patrick, Margaret Mould, Jimmy Cole, Pauline Smith


Conkers in the school yard in about 1950
The perennial Autumn pastime for boys - the Conker Contest

The contestants here (in about 1950) are John Lack and Nigel Stokes
Back row - Walter Campen, Ray Elliott, Robin Sharman, Micahel Day, Diane Gillingham
Front row - John Smith, Ann Granger, Fred Almond

Photo courtesy of John Lack

School Play

Burton Latimer Council Infants School Play 1937
Council Infants School c.1937

Standing : Roger Dacre, Colin Bulley, Brian Foster, 'Bud' Desborough, John Meads,
Peter Campen, Mick Evans, Ivan Keightley
Kneeling: Cyril Desborough, Bobby Johnson, Doreen Goodman

Burton Latimer Council School Play 1953
Cast from the School Play in 1953

L-R : Jean Brown, Mary Capps, Ann Dexter, Jean Hull, Sheila Hazelwood, Ann Miller,
Janet Head, Angela Plowman, Pam Coleman. Kneeling - Barbara Ellerby

Craft Work

Burton Latimer Council School boys craft work c.1956
Boys demonstrate their craft work in about 1956

Back row : Wayne Dukes, Paul Adkins, Stephen Lovell, Teddy Coleman, Stephen Ellerby,
Peter Hobson, Philip Slater, Bev Cox, Michael Davidson

Front Row : Pat Stokes, Philip Sturman, Glen Harrison, Philip Perry, Johnnie Johnson,
Peter Forscutt?

Burton Latimer Council School boys craft work c.1956
More craft work in about the same year,
from Richard Farrow, Jack Long and Barry Long

Burton Latimer Council School boys craft work 1958
A harbour project from 1958,
Standing: Kenny Newman, George Pyburn, David Cooper
Kneeling: Rudi Pachner, Peter Key

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