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Schooldays - Gallery 8

St Mary's & East Lea Schools : 1980s

This page is the eighth of a series, showing school scenes captured on camera over the years.
May Queens

St Mary's School Concert c.1932
St Mary's Infant School

Photo & Article from the Evening Telegraph
of May 16th 1981

The text of the article is printed below

Rain forced a school's May Queen crowning and a maypole dancing session indoors at the weekend

But the wet weather did not manage to dampen the enthusiasm of hordes of parents who turned out to see the Duchess of Buccleuch performing the crowning ceremony at Burton Latimer's recreation hall. Seven-year-old Tracey Craddock, the May Queen of St Mary's Primary School, and her two attendants, six-year-old Wendy Lilley and seven-year-old Teresa Binder-Pollard were hastily hustled indoors when the rain started.

After the crowning the Duchess was treated to an indoor dancing session and the skies cleared just in time for Flash the donkey's moment of glory. Flash, with the May Queen on his back, followed a band from the Pioneer Corps at Northampton back to the school in front of a procession of youngsters and parents.The Duchess was shown around the 400-year-old school which was built on land donated by her family.

A bazaar was also held in the building in aid of school funds.

East Lea May Queen 1985
East Lea May Queen 1985

Mayoress of Kettering, Mrs Janet Meads,
crowns Emmeline Thurlow at the school's
May Queen Ceremony

Can anyone give us the names of
the other children?

Time with the Mayor & Mayoress

East Lea St Mary's School children with the Mayor & Mayoress of Kettering - October 1985
A group of East Lea St Mary's children in the Mayor's Parlour at Kettering - October 1985

With the Mayor & Mayoress of Kettering, Cllr John Meads & Mrs Janet Meads, are: Kelly Edmett,
Adam Haves, Tristram Tomlinson, Annabel Keach, Wendy Lilly, Jimmy Simpson, Sarah Bodsworth,
Deborah Swinburne and Paul Stacey.
This was a reciprocal visit to one made to the school in the July.

Summer Fete

East Lea St Marys Summer Fete 1989
Summer Fete at East Lea St Mary's in 1989

Above - Joan Griffiths, Chairman of the Town Council, crowns Georgina Marks.
Attendants: Louise Lilley, Sally Haynes, Katie Rees, Karen Griffith

Below - The Queen's Coronation Procession, Steve McCann leading, Tracey Newberry on the right with the short brown hair and Adam Grant in the burgundy jacket.

Tracey (Newberry) Brown supplied two names, can anyone supply us with more?

East Lea St Marys Summer Fete 1989

End of the Day

East Lea St Mary's School - "Home Time" 1985
"Home Time"! - East Lea St Mary's, September 1985

An instantly recognisable scene which is virtually timeless.
Parents meet their children out of school and take them home for tea.
The Lollipop Lady ensures that they are safe when crossing the road.

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