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School Days

Children round the school Maypole at Burton County Infants School in 1942-3

Everyone will recognise that their school days made a huge impact on them, and memories may be happy, sad, or mixed. School plays a major part in young lives. After all, during term time children spend at least as many waking hours with their teachers as they do with their parents, and maybe more.

The posting of Class Photos on the site has proved to be very popular. Our monthly site statistics show that the index page to the photos is consistently the third most-viewed page on the whole site. As well as formal class photos, however, the Society has a number of photos showing things like informal scenes, plays, sports days, pantomimes and exhibitions. It was therefore decided that there was good reason to show these as well - probably on a series of Gallery pages - and to encourage people to contribute memories and stories from their own days at school.

If what you read in this section stirs some memories, please click on the Contact Us button below, jot them down and e-mail them to us. If you have any photos, so much the better, but they tend to be rare - photography in the 1950s and 60s was not the cheap hobby it is now, but even modern day photos of school events are difficult to come by. Unbelievably, just when digital cameras and camcorders have become commonplace in most households, and at a time when most mobile phones can take reasonable quality photos and short video clips, apparently the fear of giving offence and risking prosecution has led so many schools to ban the use of personal cameras at annual set-piece events like Sports Day and the Christmas Play.

So please chip in with your own memories and stories, however short. You'll have dozens of them: teachers, friends, playground games, school dinners, trips, parties, events, happy memories, sad memories, errr - embarrassing memories? Even a short contribution can be added to the Reminiscence Page. If you don't want to put your name to the memory, no problem, just say so; we'll include anonymous contributions. The important thing is that the memories are set down and shared. If not, they will be lost forever. Don't leave it to others - tell your bit in the lives and times we have all shared.

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