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Schooldays - Gallery 3

Council & Meadowside Infants School 1930s - 1980s

This page is the third of a series, showing school scenes captured on camera over the years.
Parades and Plays

BL Council Infants on Gala Parade float c.1938
"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe ..."

This was the Council Infants School entry in a Gala Parade (or similar) in about 1938.

Standing at the back: 1. Tony Layng, 2. Carl Evans, 3. Rita Butlin, 4. Jennifer Cooper, 5. Dennis Buckby
6. (in the shoe) Jean Rowe, 7. Mary Bull

Sitting: 1. Ruth Smith, 2. Rhoda Eady, 3. Sylvia Whiteman, 4. Janet York, 5. Margaret Hone,
6. ...?... , 7. Bobby Blundell, 8. Jeannie Whitlock, 9. Janet Northern

Can anyone give us the one missing name?

Infants School members of the cast of "Persephone and King Pluto" 1954
Council Infants School cast members in the play "Persephone and King Pluto"
performed at Kettering Henry Gotch School in 1954

Standing (back): ...?..., Philip Sturman, ...?..., Susan Underwood, ...?..., ...?..., Susan Wilford, Johnnie Johnson,
Irene Firkins, Patricia Childs, Margaret Turner, Sheila Staley,
Standing (front):
Christine Cox, Philip Grapes, Anna ...?..., Nigel Basford, ...?..., Paul Adkins, Beverley Cox,
Robin Sharp, Marilyn Brown, Kathleen York, Carol Althorp, Pamela Talbot, Mailyn Johson, Rosemary Whittemore
Seated: Christopher Banks, Gaye Gregory, Teresa Randall, Angela Feary, Ratrick Stokes

Mrs Williams with girls in the playground - 1960s
Mrs Williams with girls (of her class?) in the playground

Back Row: Carol Northern, ---?---, ---?---, ---?---, ---?---, ---?---
Middle Row: Kerry Parsons, Trina Clipson
, ---?---, Jane Clipston, ---?---, ---?---
Diane York, Caroline Heels
Front: ---?---, Tracey Benford, ---?---, ---?---, Jane Fabian

Our thanks to Diane Garbett (nee York) for supplying the names we have so far, and for
estimating the school year to be 1968-9. Can anyone name any more of the girls here?

Infants School Nativity Play 1966-7
The Council Infants School Nativity Play in 1966 or 1967

Back Row: ---?---, ---?---, Vicky Reeves, ---?---

Standing: Mark Langley, Robert Clipson, Stephen Pizzey, Jane Smith, Tracey Cousins,
Lyn Whiteman, Susan Craddock, David Brown, Andrew Fearnley, Timothy Wright.

Seated: Kevin Langley, ---?---, Sally-Ann Jones, Philip Faulkner, Wendy Griffin, ---?---

Front: Dean Richardson, Victoria Cosby, Dawn Perkins, Wayne Kilsby.

Our grateful thanks to David Brown for supplying so many names.
He also thinks the year date may be slightly later - this class was born in 1961-62.
Can anyone confirm the year or give the last missing names?

Meadowside Infants Play : Humpty Dumpty - 1970s
A performance of "Humpty Dumpty" at Meadowside Infants School c1979

Children Include: Neil Farrow, Adrian Curtis, Timmy Banks, Katy Baker, Melanie Luck,
Matthew Beasley, Craig Farrow, Marcus Braithwaite, Richard Whitlam, Steven Callow,
Sharon Deacon, Paul Marlow, Kelly Bale, Louisa Marlow, Claire Dixon, Matthew Jones,
Andrew Mills, Christopher Pruden, Katie Lane, Nicola Althorpe, Emma Perkins,
Rachael Desborough, Victoria Smart, Neil Walker

Can anyone place the faces or confirm the year?

Meadowside Infants Christmas c1980/81
Meadowside Infants Christmas c1980/81
Back row: Joanne Hull, Katie Gordon, Santa: Mark Reilly, Lorna Johnson
Middle Row: Michael Randall, Nicola Rollins, Sam Gordon, Jason Biles, Justin Cox, James Thompson Christopher Jack
Front row: Dawn Woolmer, David Walker, Kate O'Neil, Adam Taylor, Clare Hancock.
Several people contributed to naming these pupils through Facebook. If we have misunderstood your directions or misspelled the names please get in touch again. It is our custom to give the girls their maiden names


Burton Latimer Meadowside Infants School Staff in 1983
Meadowside Infants School Staff in 1983

Back row: ---?---, June Rowland, Willi Davis, Margaret Sewell (Head),
Geraldine Hardwick, Peggy Pearson

Front Row: Evelyn Millman, Pat Cleaver

Can anyone help with the missing name?

Meadowside Infants School Staff in the 1980s
Meadowside Infants School Staff sometime in the 1980s

Evelyn Millman, June Rowland, Pat Cleaver, Margaret Sewell (Head),
Peggy Pearson, Betty Elliot
Can anyone give the approximate year?

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