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Article submitted by Tony Palmer 2006

Memories of the
County Mixed School

I left this school aged 15 years in August 1953. I was one of the last to complete my schooling there as after this year when the pupils were 11 years old they attended Henry Gotch School in Kettering.

In the top class (Class 1) prior to my leaving were the following: – Neil Hawthorn, John Roberts (Isham), John Smith, Margaret Cope, Margaret Stump, Olive Brown, Barbara Ellerby, Jean Hull, Ann Baxter, Eunice Bray, Frederick Head, David Jones, Brian Wills (Isham), Tony Elliott, Jimmy Christian, Sam Love, Margaret Wills (Isham), Maurice Chapman (Isham), Ann Clark, Ernie Vincent and Nigel Warner.

The teacher of this class was Mr. Cable. The other teachers were: – Miss Stokes (to read more about Miss Stokes click here), Mr Weatherall, Mr White, Mr Williams, Mrs Bennett, Miss Leach, the headmaster was Mr Pentelow.

Other pupils in the school that I remember were: – Gavin and Harry Whitlock, Rodney Villette, Barry Goodman, Robin Goodman, Tony Goddard, “Pim” Ellson, Brian Oram, Tom Hawkins, Doreen Hawkins, Nigel Stokes, John and Michael Lack, “Ginger” Eady, Liam Coleman, Angela Coleman, Gay Robertson, Raymond Birnie, David Villette, Barry Elmore, David Whitehead, Brian Freestone, Mary Freestone, Tom Tailby, John Coleman, Bryn Morgan, Geoffrey Parkhouse, Harold Fordham, Brian Northern, Peter Watson, George Russell (Isham), Brian Shelford (Isham), Irene Spriggs, Daphne Chester, Fay Chester, Janet Moisey, Alan Evans, David Baish, Billy White, Terry White, Raymond Phipp, Dennis Ramsbottom, Richard Lewis, Maurice McCready, Paul Robinson, Billy Papworth, Garth Langford, Clive Parsons, Jimmy Strudwick, Barry Mason, Trevor Smith, “Ginger” Arnold, Malcolm Craddock, Jean Muir, David Mills, John Drage, Alan Granger, Terry Marsh (Isham), Gillian Roche (Isham), Valerie Walsh (Isham), June Dunkley (Isham), David Starmer, John Langley, Mary Langley, David Thurlow, Mary Capps, John Capps, Roy Gilby, Frank Bayman, Yvonne Pinnock, Jean Northern, Pamela Plowman, Patsy and Harold Loak.

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