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People & Families

Charles Barlow
The Gilliat Family
Princess Victoria Kaiulani

Burton Latimer can number among its past inhabitants a group of individuals and families who have had significance and/or who have left their mark on the town. This page will detail them. However, this is not intended to be an exclusive list, and this page exists to record the stories of all Burton people and families whose lives and experiences deserve to be shared with a wide audience. As well as the details on individuals and families, the stories also capture parts of the town's history, and reflect the age in which these people lived.

If the stories are not set down, they will only live on in the memory of friends and relatives and will ultimately be lost. We can only feature those on whom we have details. If you have friends and family who you feel could be included, please get in touch with us.



Even if you don't feel that the story of your family has much significance, or not enough to be featured here, but you have memories of Burton as it was in the last century, please consider setting them down for us, or recording an interview. Maybe you can tell us the things you remember most about the town, the factories, the shops, the fairs, schools, sports, pubs and clubs, travelling by bus and train - to name but a few. To read what others have already contributed, look at the memories in the History, Church and Leisure sections.

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