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We are indebted to Ian Markie for supplying this information and photo of his grandmother, great-grandmother and other family members

The Ashley Family

Back row from the left
Sylvia, Eva, James, Grace, Vera, Alice
Front Row from the left
Winnie, Ivy, Annie(nee Lewin), Ethel, Laura
The Ashley family of Finedon Road, Burton Latimer. Circa 1930s or 40s

Thomas Stimpson Ashley (not in the photo) was born in 1865 in Woodford. He was first married to Julia James in 1886 in Kettering until she died in 1888 at Gas St, Kettering. Thomas re-married to Annie Laura Lewin who was born in 1871 at Greenhithe, Kent. Her mother was from Mears Ashby, and after the death of Annie's father in Dartford, both mother and daughter moved to Wellingborough.

Annie, who was known to all as Laura, married Thomas Stimpson Ashley in 1894 in Burton Latimer. The marriage is believed to have taken place at the Baptist Chapel, in Burton Latimer.

Thomas had 2 children by his first marriage - George and Frank - and 10 Children to Annie: 9 girls and 1 boy. They were all living in a 2-bedroom cottage at 73 Finedon Street, Burton Latimer.
  • Ivy was born in 1895
  • Winifred 1896
  • Ethel 1897
  • James 1899
  • Laura 1901
  • Eva 1902
  • Sylvia 1904 (My Grandmother)
  • Grace 1906
  • Vera 1908
  • Alice 1912
All were born in Burton Latimer. All the children survived and only moved away when they married. Sylvia married at the Baptist Chapel to Frank Whitehead Allen and lived in Stimpson Ave, Northampton.
Here is a picture of my grandmother, Sylvia Gertrude Ashley, born 27th March 1904 at Burton Latimer, daughter of Thomas Stimpson Ashley and Annie Laura Ashley (Nee Lewin)

She is pictured here on her wedding day 26th May 1928.
The marriage was at The Baptist Chapel, Burton Latimer

Thomas Stimpson Ashley passed away in 1926 in Burton Latimer and Annie carried on living in Finedon Street until her death which we believe to been in 1958.

Thomas's occupation was a Shoe Finisher, which he had done all his life.

Read the newspaper account of Thomas Stimpson Ashley's funeral

Although I was only born in 1961, I do remember my Great-Aunt Grace who married Walter Stoke.

And I also remember Great-Uncle James Ashley.
Sylvia Allen (nee Ashley) died Feb 1988 in Northampton. She had 3 children:
  • Bryan Ashley Allen
  • Beryl Amy Allen (My Mother)
  • Keith Leslie Allen.
My website of the Markie and Ashley family is at

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