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Newspaper article supplied by Carl Mellor in 2009 who received the information from his father-in-law, Michael Summerfield (grandson of Walter Summerfield). Presented by Margaret Craddock.

Town’s Tribute to Social Worker

Photograph of Mr Walter Summerfield

Factory Manager’s Funeral at Burton Latimer 1933

Burton Latimer was a town of mourning on Saturday when Mr Walter Summerfield of William Street, a popular local social worker, was interred in the cemetery in the presence of a large crowd of sympathisers.

Mr Summerfield (46), who was a manager of  Messrs Whitney & Westley, was taken ill suddenly some time ago with appendicitis.  After an operation in Northampton General Hospital, where he was conveyed, peritonitis set in, and death occurred on Wednesday.  From the previous Monday evening his wife and family with Mr and Mrs O Tailby (close friends), were at the hospital.

That he was held in the highest esteem in Burton Latimer was evidenced by the fact that shops on the route from William Street to the Parish Church, where the funeral service took place, temporarily suspended their business, and also by tributes paid by householders, who lined the roadway.

Members of the Ambulance Brigade and Nursing Division (of which Mrs Summerfield is secretary) lined the church avenue as the mourners entered.

The church was crowded, the congregation including a big proportion of employees from Messrs Whitney & Westley for the Burton Latimer and Wellingborough factories.  Very many friends were also present.  Messrs B J Saddington and S Cleaver (members of the staff at Messrs Whitney & Westley) acted as sidesmen.

The service, conducted by the Rev H T Edwards, was beautiful and impressive.  Two favourite hymns of the deceased were sung.  They were “My Jesus I love Thee,” and “God be with you till we meet again.”

At the organ was Mr W Stokes, who played “O rest in the Lord” as the cortege left the church.

Many friends assembled at the cemetery, where the coffin was lowered into an evergreen lined grave.

Photograph of Mr Walter Summerfield (nearest camera) leading the Hospital Parade in 1933
Mr Walter Summerfield (nearest camera) leading the Hospital Parade in 1933


The chief mourners were: Mrs W Summerfield (widow), Mr Walter Summerfield, Mr Kenneth Summerfield (sons), the Misses Cissie and Edith Summerfield (daughters), Mr & Mrs Edgar Summerfield, Wellingborough (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs Bailey, Wellingborough, Mrs Herring, London, Mrs Church, Wellingborough (sisters), Mr F Kellar, Northampton (brother-in-law), Mr & Mrs W Rogers, Moreton Pinkney (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mr & Mrs H Taylor, Wellingborough (uncle and aunt), Mr O Tailby (director of Whitney & Westley) and Mrs O Tailby, Mr & Mrs J Northern, Mr F R Westley (director of Whitney & Westley, Mr G E Gilbert (treasurer of Burton Latimer Hospital Committee, Mr W E Billing, Wellingborough (manager of the Wellingborough branch factory of Messrs Whitney & Westley).

Also present were the following members of Messrs Whitney & Westley’s staff: Messrs F Norton, T M Shrive, Ar Coles, V Panther, Alf Eady and W Coles.

Other members of the staff at the church were Mr Alf Tailby, the Misses L Dunkley, P Booth, L Mould, J Reed, B Stanley and Mrs E Cooke.

Various local bodies with which the deceased gentleman was associated were represented by the following:- Hospital Committee, Mr G E Gilbert, Mr Elderkin, Mr J Bull; Hospital Gala Committee, Mr W Batty, Mr L Patrick, Mr R N Davies; British Legion, Mr L Underwood, Mr Woodcock; Britannia W MC, Mr J Meads, Mr J Dacre, Mr D Neville: Conservative Club, Mr G Talbut; St Mary’s Bowls Club, Mr F Shortland, Mr J Fox, Mr A Palmer, and Mr F Baker; Mr Harry Buckby (Finedon), Mr Boyd (of W W Chamberlain and Sons, Rushden),  Mr Agutter and Mr Potter (Buckby Bros.), Mr W Buckby, Mrs Fred Smith (Wellingborough), Mrs Lal Palmer, St John Ambulance Brigade (Men’s Division), Miss Downing, Mrs H Tailby and Mrs Alf Tailby, Mr & Mrs Sanderson (Kettering), Mr H Moore (Kettering), Mr Harris (of Lindrea & Co Ltd, Kettering), Mr Monk (of Frecknalls, Kettering), Mr Joseph Westley, Mr & Mrs Connor and Miss M Connor (March), Mr Mobbs (secretary of Boot & Shoe Technical School), Mr Pentelow, Mr E A Tailby (Kettering) Mr & Mrs Alf Barlow, Miss Gross, Mr Bailey (Wellingborough), Mr G H Gillard, Mr & Mrs W Batty and Mrs Rice, Mrs Tom Fox, Mrs Geo Talbutt, Mr A J Wittering, Mr Jack Benford.

Others present were: Mr E Capps (Coles Boot Co), Mr C H Cowling (W L Ingle Ltd, Leeds), Mr Jack Mobbs (Kettering), Mr Ernest Coles, Mrs Wills (Supt Kettering Nursing Division), Mr H Jacobs.

All members of the staff of Messrs Whitney & Westley, the bearers were: Messrs James Smith, Albert Underwood, E Clipstone and Fred Smith.

Floral Tributes

The beautiful wreaths were inscribed as:

“To a perfect husband and father – Some day we shall understand”; “In loving memories of our dear brother, from Edgar, Lucy, Neil and Zil – For ever with the Lord”, “In loving memories of our dear uncle, from Ada and Walter – God called him home”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mr and Mrs H Taylor – Guard us waking, guard us sleeping, and when we die”; “In every-loving memory, from Walter and Nellie (Morton Pinkney)” ; “With deepest sympathy, from Fred, Annie and family”; “With deepest sympathy, from Charlie and George (South Africa)”; “In loving memory of dear Walter, from Sister Lizzie and family (Wellingborough)”, also Kate (Canada) – Peace, Perfect Peace”; “With sincerest and fondest memories, Olly and Lucy – True friendship never fails”; “Walter, in ever-grateful memory of your friendship, loyalty and endeavour, F R Westley”; “With deepest sympathy, from the repairing and rough-stuff department, Whitney & Westley”; “With deepest sympathy, from the office staff, Whitney & Westley Ltd”; “With sincere sympathy, from the Mono and Rely Shoe Co, Wellingborough”; “With deepest sympathy from the foremen and staff, Whitney & Westley”; “With deepest sympathy, from the representatives of Messrs Whitney & Westley”; “With deepest sympathy, from the finishing and packing room, Whitney & Westley”; “With deepest sympathy, from the closing dept, Whitney & Westley”; “With deepest sympathy, from the clicking dept Whitney & Westley”; “With deepest sympathy, from the welted, sewing and lasting dept, Whitney & Westley”: “With deepest sympathy and sincere regret, Mr & Mrs H Whitney”: “With deepest sympathy, Mrs J H Whitney and family”; “With deepest and kind thoughts, from Mr & Mrs Farnby, Isham”; “ In loving memory of Uncle Walt, from Con and Len”; “In loving memory, from Freda and Cam”; “With heartfelt sympathy, from Mr & Mrs T W Smith and Mr & Miss Bradshaw”; “With deepest sympathy, from the Management Committee and members of the Burton Latimer Britannia W M Club and Institute”; “In loving memory, from Mr & Mrs Connor, Bill and Vera and Dot, March Cambs”; “With deepest sympathy, from Reg, Kettering”; “In kind remembrance from W H Billing and F Smith, Wellingborough”; “With deepest sympathy to an ardent worker from members of the Gala and Motor Ambulance Committee”; “At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them – From fellow members of the Burton Latimer British Legion (Men’s Section)”; “With deepest sympathy from the members of the St Mary’s Bowls Club”; “In remembrance of a good friend, Mr D W Mawer, Leicester”; “With deepest Sympathy, from E Woodley and Sons, Higham Ferrers”; “With deepest sympathy from the Rectory”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mr & Mrs A Cooke”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mrs Pack, Rushden”; “With deepest sympathy, Mr & Mrs H Cox “In affectionate remembrance of an esteemed secretary, from the Burton Latimer Hospital Committee”; “With deepest sympathy, from W H D and R Chamberlain”; “With loving sympathy, from Mrs H Tailby”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mr & Mrs G C Sanderson and Birdie”;”With deepest sympathy from committee and members of the Conservaive Club”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mrs J Westley, Burton Latimer”;”With deepest sympathy, from Mr & Mrs Jones, Rushden”; “With heartfelt sympathy, from Mr & Mrs Alfred Barlow and the boys – Until the day breaks”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mr & Mrs Tom Fox and family, Sun Hill, Burton Latimer”; “In affectionate remembrance, from Mr & Mrs A J Mason and family and Mr & Mrs A E Streather and family”; From all at 43 Station Road, Burton Latimer – Not gone from memory, Not gone from love, But gone to Our Father’s Home above”; “ In affectionate remembrance, from Marjorie Clapham”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mr & Mrs William Batty, Burton Latimer”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mr & Mrs Gilbert”; ”With deepest sympathy, Mr & Mrs Crisp – Peace, Perfect Peace”; “With deepest sympathy, from N H Mason and J G Mason and Son”; “With deepest sympathy, from all at Nos 17, 19 and 21 William Street, Burton Latimer”; “With deepest sympathy, from Ken’s pals”; “In kind remembrance and with deepest sympathy, from Mr Keeber, Florrie, Phyllis and Bertie”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mr & Mrs Waterfield and family”; “To our dear friend, with deepest sympathy and affectionate remembrance, from Mr & Mrs J Northern”; “With deepest sympathy, from Mary (The Yews)”; “With deepest sympathy, from an old friend, Lottie”; “With respect and deepest sympathy for my late foreman, K Bulley, Cranford.”

The undertaker was Mr W Piper, of High Street, Burton Latimer.

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