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Smiths Transport Services Ltd.

In this aerial view of Rosebery Street in 1950, Smith's Garage
and yard are clearly visible. The coach and lorry represent the
two sides of his business - coach services and haulage.
An article that appeared in a special
Evening Telegraph supplement in 1957

Halfway up the right-hand side of Rosebery Street was a large yard with sheds to the rear. This site had once been the location of Sudborough & Eady's, (later - J Eady's) shoe factory, before it was gutted in a catastrophic fire in the 1920s. The site is now housing.

The business started in 1929 when Frank Smith took over the haulage business of his step-father William Henry Lovett. From the 1930s to the 1960s, he ran a haulage service from this site, which was often known locally as "Smith's Garage". Smith's (Burton Latimer) Transport Services Ltd. operated a daily service to London and the Midlands from his premises in Rosebery Street and would provide coaches for factory and club outings.

A 1959 advert for Smith's Transport
An advert from 1959
Frank Smith, outside Benford's barber's shop
Frank Smith, with his car, outside
Benford's barber's shop in Duke Street
An advertisement from
an Electric Palace Cinema
programme December 1954

Harold Major one of Frank Smith's drivers Molly Mills Frank Smith's second wife
Harold Major of Ringstead, one of
Frank's drivers
Molly Mills of Great Addington,
Frank's second wife
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