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Council Infants School
Class 1958

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - Unidentified Class 1958

This is another class photo with the year given as 1958, but we had no further information. Can you help us with any of the names?

Back row: 1. Philip Shortland, 2. Richard Bettles 3. Roger Wells, 4. Michael Lewis, 5. Michael Youney, 6. Susan Law, 7. Chris Chambers? 8. Lesley Betts, 9. Elizabeth Clarke 10. Lorraine York 11. Ian Parker, 12. Stuart Lovell, 13. Anne Cooch

Middle row: 1. ......? 2. ......? 3. Stuart Tyrell 4. Linzi Mason 5. Josie Yates, 6. Tony Dacre, 7. Jacqueline Ferrier, 8. Gordon Wright, 9. Paula McCann, 10. ......? 11. Richard Desborough, 12. Geoffrey Talbot, 13. Robert Good? 14. ......?

Front Row: 1 Philip Waddington 2. Tony Thurland 3 Arthur or Trevor Lovell 4 Kevin McNamara 5 Patricia Wright 6 Margaret Paine 7 Julie Dacre 8 ......? 9 John Edwards 10 Marie Clement

Our grateful thanks to Michael Lewis for providing us with over nearly 20 names, to Christine Buckler (nee Clement) for adding one more, and to Robert Thurland for identifying his brother Tony. Can anyone confirm the year this was taken, who the teacher would have been, or help us fill any more of the blanks? If you can, please get in touch.

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