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Current Topics

Pownall's bread cart in Bird Street, Burton Latimer, in 1927
Jesse Fox and family at Hilly Farm, Burton Latimer - 1900
When the Horse and Cart ruled the road.
Left - Gerald Farrow and Tim Fuller stand by Pownall's baker's cart in Bird Street in 1927
Right - Hilly Farm, High Street in 1900. Jesse Fox and family. Jesse was also landlord of The Horse & Groom

This page details which topics are currently being researched and which sections of the site are in preparation.

The counterpart of this page is the Information Needed page. As topics are researched, gaps in the stories and details are bound to emerge. If there are particular things the Society and volunteers need, they are listed on the Information Needed page.

From June 2008, the site will be updated as and when new features are ready
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Topics currently in development

  • Cricket Team Photographs
  • The story of Weetabix
  • Public Utilities - Electricity
  • Town architecture & building phases
  • Public Utilities - Water & Sewerage
  • The Conservation Area
  • The Wrestling Club
  • Sundry Local Businesses
  • Billiards - 1930s
  • The Pen Hedge Riot

If you have any information and/or pictures of any of the above topics we would be very pleased to hear from you. Our archive is not encyclopaedic, and unless all sources of information on the history of the town are used, much of that vital information will be lost forever.