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St Mary's School

St Mary's School 1947-48

The original was not in good condition when it came to us, but is reproduced here because the faces are recognisable and many are known. A better quality version - from a different proof - is reproduced at the bottom of the page. It was possibly re-shot because several people moved their heads as the shutter went.

Back row: Trevor Sharman, Clive Wood, David Clipson, Clive Dent, Norman Ellson, Mick Clements, David Miller, Carl Cleaver, Dave Shelford, John Allinson, Tony Cleaver.

Fifth row: Ann Thompson, Margaret Clipston, Rosemary Downie, Jill Looms, Maureen O’Neil, Janice Niblett, Ann Bamford (Josephine Allinson?), June Blandford, Janet Hudson.

Fourth row: Roger Barber, Kay Brown, John Hodgkiss?, Stuart Hardy, Graham Link, …………………? Mr Northen, Meagan Evans, Mr Allison, John Waterfield, ……………..? Roger Page, Alan Stapleton, Barry Cleaver

Third row:  Jim Aveling, Billy McGrath, Ted McLoughlin, Molly Clipson, Maureen Smith, Stephnie Sawford, Ann Liggins, Ann Hoddle, Rodney James, Ronnie Hoddle, Rodney Howard?

Second row: Malcolm Whitney, Colin Brown, Frank Allinson, …………………? Janice Lewis, Gillian Dainty?, Lesley Betts, Glenys Lewis, Pauline Beeby, Ruth Gray, Linda Bond, Michael Hancock, Anthony Northern, David Randall.

Front row: Michael Grice, Rodney Evans, Richard Pickering, Jimmy Mott, Adrian Sharman, ………………? Owen Brown, Johnny Wood, Winston Clipson, Graham Hughes, Barry Noble, Chris Clipstone, Graham Whitney.

Our thanks to Jim Aveling for some corrections and putting many names to previously un-named pupils. Please get in touch with us if you can identify any of the missing names in this line-up.

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