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Council Infants School
Class 1954-5

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - Unidentified Class 1954-5

We are indebted to Marilyn Brown and Johnnie Johnson for getting this photo to us. Valerie (Muir) Butcher has added another name. We are told that the year is 1954-5:

Back row: 1. Bev Cox, 2. Peter Forscutt, 3. Roderick Dew?, 4. Phil Sturman, 5. Peter Hobson, 6. Philip Slater, 7. Steve Ellerby, 8. Wayne Dukes, 9. Ernie Wallington?

Middle row: 1. ---?---, 2. ---?---, 3. Pat Stokes, 4. Angie Feary, 5. ---?---, 6. Teresa Randall, 7. Heather McVitie, 8. Marilyn Brown, 9. Susan Underwood, 10. ---?---

Front Row: 1. ---?---, 2. Christine Cox?, 3. Kathleen Benford, 4. Susan Jempson, 5. Carol Althorpe, 6. Janet Toseland, 7. Mary Lally, 8. ---?---, 9. Jennifer Niblett, 10. Pat Childs, 11. Sheila Staley, 12. Irene Firkins

Can you confirm who the teacher would have been, confirm any of the queried names, or help us fill any blanks? If you can, please get in touch.

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