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Council Infants School
Class c.1961

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - unidentified class c1961

We are told that this photo dates from about 1961, but have no information on the teacher. We only had a few names originally and are very grateful to Bill Watson, Vicki Simms (nee Ainge) and Teresa Renk for giving us more. Can you help us fill in the remaining blanks?

Back row: 1. ---?---, 2. Susan Russell, 3. Craig Saddington, 4. Anne Patrick, 5. Derek Wardle, 6. Billy Watson, 7. Geoffrey Chester, 8. Stephen Handy, 9. Karen Stevens, 10. Ann Wilford, 11. Vicki Ainge

Middle row: 1. Deborah Keech, 2. Martin Baish, 3. ---?---, 4. Paul Knighton, 5. Jane Campen, 6. Teresa Renk, 7.Christine Jolley, 8.---?---, 9. David Nicholson, 10. Lesley Edmonds, 11. Robert Sharp

Front Row: 1. Karen Rose, 2. Janice Moroz, 3. Nicholas Pinnock, 4. Lynne Pinchin, 5. Anita Tinker, 6. Steven Whiteman, 7. Jane Ramsbottom?, 8.Sherie Benzie, 9. Valerie Daniels.

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