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Town Trail Point 26

159 High Street (Cottage Homes, or Peck's)

Photograph of 159 High Street the former Cottage Homes Building, seen from the north-west
Right - 159 High Street, the former
Cottage Homes building, seen from the

This double-gabled house, originally built as a farm house towards the end of the 18th century, is now known as 159 High Street. This house, together with two further redbrick properties subsequently built to the south of it, was used by the Kettering Union from 1897 until 1919 as the Cottage Homes.

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Photograph taken in 1905 showing the Cottage Homes with the stone gable-end of 159 High Street shown to the left of the block
Cottage Homes in about 1905, with the stone gable-end of 159 High Street shown to the left of the block.

The most significant changes made to the house in 1897 were the provision of a fire escape and the creation of a bathroom.

The fire escape was sited on the north side of the house and served the two upper floors.  Each floor had a balcony serving two windows, and the balconies had a common spiral staircase to the ground.  The four original Georgian sash windows were replaced with pairs of French window doors to allow easy escape.  Some of the changes to the stonework and mismatching of lintels can be still seen.  The heavy cast iron staircase remained in situ until 1950 when concerns about its maintenance and possible domestic burglary necessitated its removal.  The present small balconies on the north side now have railings with scroll shaped cast iron balusters originally on the staircase.

The bathroom was also created in April 1897.  It is unlikely that it replaced an earlier one because previously the house was not on mains water.  Mains water and sewage were not installed until April 1908.  The first floor bathroom was constructed of yellow bricks and sited over the existing back doorways.  Similar brickwork was placed round those doorways and the kitchen windows.  Some sash windows were renewed.

For the past seventy years or so, the property has been in the ownership of the Peck family, and for many people in Burton the building is known simply as "Peck's".

Photograph of 159 High Street, seen from the south
159 High Street, seen from the south.

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