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Town Trail Point 25


Photograph of Library and Information Centre
Right - Library and Information Centre

Until the 1960s, this section of the High Street comprised a series of old cottages, with groupings round two yards to the rear, accessed through passgaeways. The demolition of the yards in 1938 left a simple terraced frontage to the High Street, and this section was known locally as The High Causeway. The Library at that time was housed at the Poplars, along with the Council Offices (trail point 20).

The opening of Burton Latimer’s more modern library took place in 1973. Contractors were Perkins and Barron of Wellingborough and the total cost of the building was £40,357 plus furniture costing £2,750.

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Photograph of the Town Library in 1973
Town Library 1973

The facilities of the library now include computers for public use and Kettering Borough Council Office administration is housed here together with a police presence.

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