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Burton Latimer Town Trail


Burton Latimer Town Trail Map
Trail Map

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Any town trail tries to give the virtual visitors a sense of place, and seeks to allow them to engage with the lives and the history of the community through the various stages of its development. The trail points chosen for these pages are not meant to be an exclusive or definitive list, but show the various aspects of the town. The Cross (where the war memorial is located) has been chosen as the start point for the virtual tours.

The trail has been subdivided into three general geographic and thematic areas.

The purple trail deals with the north-east part of town which shows the original village core around the parish church and the Baptist chapel. It is an area dominated by stone buildings with their own character. As a complete contrast, the wind farm has been included, since this is the part of the old town which is nearest to it.

The red trail covers the north and west of the town, and includes a wide variety of old and new: the Hall, the new schools and a new church, the successful manufacturing industries, and the recreation ground - a wide spectrum, highlighting things which have played key roles in the town's history.

The green trail showcases the High Street and the southern part of town: the area which was developed as the town grew from being a small village, due to the arrival of the shoe and clothing industries. Commercial, leisure, educational and health facilities had to be provided and expanded to cope with the demands of a growing population.

This then is a snapshot of the town - its past and its present. We hope you find it interesting and enjoyable.

If you would like to do a series of actual walks over different routes in Burton, try the suggestions on the town website

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