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Town Trail Point 9

The War Memorial and The Cross

Photogaph of The War Memorial from the east
Right - The War Memorial from the east

The view above shows some of the large stone buildings which were built at The Cross, where the memorial is situated, and which gave the area a more commercial focus over the last two centuries.

In 1962, improvements to the layout of the junction were necessary on the grounds of road safety (click here to read the newspaper account), and the memorial had to be moved. Local opinion was canvassed and the lawn outside the Council Offices was voted as the most appropriate location, though none of the locations suggested were deemed to be ideal (to read about the public meeting where this decision was made, click here). The memorial was carefully dismantled and reassembled in its new resting place with the final moments being captured by a photographer from the Evening Telegraph (click here to read the report).

View of The Cross in 1940, with the memorial. View of The Cross in 1962, with the memorial removed.
Before and after the removal - The view from Meeting Lane junction in 1940 and 1962

Further details about the war memorial can also be found at Trail Points 1 and 18

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