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Article fromThe Evening Telegraph  Tuesday  March 27th 1962, transcribed by Sally Crane.

Burton's Statue Shift is Over

Successive photoshots showing the hoisting of St George's statue onto the top of the memorial.
St George is hoisted atop his column, and Burton’s statue shift is over.

The final act in the transference of Burton Latimer’s war memorial from its old site in the High Street to the council yard was made today, when the figure of St. George was hoisted on to its resting place at the top of the stone column. The memorial has been removed from its High Street site to make way for road improvements.

With the statue now in its place, the only thing that remains to be done is for the whole structure to be given a final cleaning down to remove any dirt and smidges that have appeared during the reassembly. Several plaques are still be put back on the memorial but T. H. Higgins Ltd., the firm of Wellingborough stonemasons who are carrying out the work, hope to have all this work completed by the end of the week.

The re-assembly of the memorial has taken about three weeks - the same time as it took to take down.  There were altogether about 50 pieces of stone to erect. Carefully protected by sacking, the statue was hoisted on the top of the column where it was fixed by a dowel.  Lt. Col. J.T. H. Higgins, managing director of the firm, said that the re-assembly of the memorial was a tricky problem, but they had managed to carry it out without mishap.

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