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Town Trail Point 23

St Mary's School (Board School, Council School)

St Mary's School from the north
Right - St Mary's School
from the north

In July 1898, the memorial stones were laid in anticipation of the building in the High Street of the new undenominational schools at a cost of £2,500 to accommodate 300 children.  Click here to read about the History of Education in Burton Latimer.In 1908 the Church Managers reported that they received notice of the intention of the County Council to build a new council school for 180 infants, adjoining the Board School in the High Street.

During the 1930-50's the Board School became known as The County Mixed School or "The Council School".

Photograph showing pupils crossing the road outside the Council School in 1939
Council School shown in left background 1939

Aerial view of Council School 1950s
Aerial view of Council School 1950s

The Victorian Council School (Board School) was converted in 1970 to a Junior School and renamed East Lea. (Click here for articles relating to school developments.) It became East Lea St Mary’s Voluntary Controlled School in 1982 and in 1999 became St Mary's Church of England Controlled School when all schools had the opportunity to change their names and the Governors agreed to revert to the original name of the 16th century Church School. It is now known as St Mary’s Church of England Primary School for Infants and Juniors. 

Photograph showing school frontage from the High Street Photograph of school playground at front entrance
High Street view showing school frontage
School playground at front entrance

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