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This local newspaper account, transcribed by Sally Crane, is an expanded version of a previous entry on March 12th 1965

Death of Miss M. J. Hodson

The death of Miss Marcia Jessamine Hodson, 38 Roundhill Rad, Kettering, occurred at the Rockingham Road Hospital, Kettering on Friday. (Note: this would be March 11th)

Miss Hodson was born at Burton Latimer in 1882 and started her career as a teacher at the Church Senior School there.  In 1916 she moved to the Boys’ National School (Horsemarket) Kettering and remained there until 1948, when she retired six years after retiring age, staying on because of the outbreak of the Second World War.

The school was then known as the Parish Church Senior Mixed School, having been amalgamated with the Market Hill Girls’ School.

Miss Hodson taught art and English literature.  Shakespeare had a prominent position in her classes.  It is difficult to over estimate the ability of this popular teacher of English literature.  She was a first class disciplinarian and yet was admired and respected by all the children who passed through her hands.

During her lifetime Miss Hodson was a keen and active worker of St Luke’s and the Parish Church and Kettering Dramatic Society.

She was also an enthusiastic supporter of the Workers Education Association and an associate member of the Mother’s Union.

Many teachers, ex-teachers and ex-pupils attended the funeral service at the Parish Church on Tuesday.

Interment followed at Burton Latimer.

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