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Town Trail Point 14


Photograph of Alumasc from Station Road
Right - View of Alumasc from Station Road

Aerial photograph of Alumasc in 1959
An aerial view of Alumasc in 1959

Alumasc commenced manufacturing aluminium products in July 1945. Some of the staff, who had loyally served the factory under war conditions making incendiary bomb cases stayed with the new company learning a new trade.

Alumasc had no experienced toolmakers, die designers or experienced aluminium foundry casters but by July 1948 the factory was producing over 25,000 castings a week. The company produced their own distinctive designs of holloware comprising twenty different articles.

Their products included sets of canteen holloware up to giant cast colanders; tools for supplying the building trade with every standard type of rainwater pipe and fitting; and aluminium die-castings for the textile trade.

Alumasc is now a large factory specialising in the manufacture of low pressure die casting in silicon aluminium. The best known of their products are possibly the lightweight beer barrels and waste disposal units it manufactures.

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Photograph of Alumasc from the main gates 2008
View of Alumasc from the main gates 2008

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