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Transcribed by Raylee Burton from an undated article in a local paper

The opening of the Adventure Playground 1973

The opeing of the Adventure Playground at The Paddocks in 1973
Council Chairman, Mr. John Meads, cuts the ribbon at the opening ceremony

Burton Latimer’s first adventure playground was opened last night by its council chairman, Mr. John Meads.

The playground was built by Burton Latimer Urban Council for £2,600 after much planning by the children and youth committee.

Said committee chairman, the Rev. Derek Taylor; “This is a tremendous thing for Burton Latimer. We have been pushing for several years and the council has done a good job. There is not a lot to offer at the recreation ground, which has been subject to a lot of vandalism.”

The ground was previously used as a building yard for the council and is situated behind the council offices. Instead of the traditional slides and swings, it contains a series of concrete structures and climbing frames, which were tried out by eager school children after last night’s opening.

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