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This feature is a composite of a series of articles which appeared in a local newspaper in 1979. Transcribed by Raylee Burton.

The Station Road Murder 1979

Photograph of Police officers at the home of Winnie Love at Station Road
Police officers at the home of Winnie Love at Station Road.

People of Burton Latimer were shocked by the brutal killing of an elderly resident at her home at Station Road in February 1979. The story unfolded in a series of newspaper articles until it reached its conclusion in October of the same year with the sentencing of the killers. Locals referred to it as "The Station Road Murder."

The home of 76 year old Winnie Love was burgled on the night of 19th February 1979 by three youths while she was in bed. Having disturbed the youths she was beaten about the head, brutally gagged and left on the floor. The thieves made off with £1685 which they found underneath her mattress. Mrs Love was not found until the following lunchtime, by which time she had died of asphyxiation.

Upon arrest the youths claimed that they had never intended to kill Mrs Love, and had left the door open so that she could easily be found. A fourth man who knew the area admitted to procuring the others to commit the robbery.

The three youths were sentenced to a combined sentence of 14 years for manslaughter, while the fourth was jailed for 2 years.

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