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Article taken from local newspaper dated October 1979, transcribed by Raylee Burton.

Money Jackpot Under Mattress

Three Londoners accused of murdering pensioner Winnie Love thought they had hit the jackpot when they found £1,685 under a mattress, it was claimed yesterday.

One of the defenders allegedly told police; “I have never seen so much money in my life.”

Another said; “We have hit the jackpot,” the jury at Northampton Crown court was told.

It was claimed that Glen Roy Lewis also told police he needed the money to support two daughters and three women he had made pregnant.

And it was alleged that a fourth man, Earl Savage, formerly of Station Road, Burton Latimer, needed £195 for mortgage payments.

But Det. Insp, Dick Briggs said the robbery and death might never have taken place. He said Lewis said in a statement that the man who told them of the money at the women’s house had not turned up.

Mr. Briggs added that Lewis said he and the two other defendants had thought of stealing a handbag or taking a car to get back to London as they were short of cash.

Lewis allegedly told Mr. Briggs that they had travelled to Kettering from London hoping to find Savage at home. Instead, they had to break in and watched television until after 10pm.

“We then phoned Savage to find out where the old woman lived,” Lewis allegedly told police.

Norman Washington Barned (23), Richard Gotts Gayle (18) both of Wrens Park Road, Warwick Grove, and Lewis (21), of Albion Road, Hackney, pleaded not guilty to murdering Mrs. Love of Station Road, Burton Latimer.

Barned has pleaded not guilty to robbing Mrs. Love of £1,685 on the same date. But Gayle and Lewis have pleaded guilty to robbery.

Gayle and Lewis have also pleaded guilty to burgling the house. Barned has pleaded not guilty.

Savage (22) of Greenwood Road, Hackney, earlier pleaded guilty to procuring the three defendants to rob Mrs. Love between January 1 and February 19.

Mr. Briggs said police raided Barned’s home on February 21 and found a total of £625 stashed in a plastic head-rest and under a pillow. He added that Lewis’s home was raided and an Abbey National Savings book was taken which showed a deposit of £235 had been made the day before.

Mr. Briggs said Lewis told him they broke into the woman’s house.

After the woman had been bound and gagged, Lewis allegedly said: “I went into the other bedroom and found a brown paper bag under the mattress. Inside was a plastic bag containing money. I took it out and laid it on the bed. I have never seen so much money in my life.”

Mr. Briggs also said Barned was alleged to have said: “We have hit the jackpot.”

Det. Sgt. Mike Robinson said Gayle told him he saw someone hit Mrs. Love when she emerged fro her bedroom on the night of the raid. But in another statement Gayle is alleged to have denied that anyone hit her.

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