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Article taken from local newspaper dated February 1979, transcribed by Raylee Burton.

Tragedy Stuns Neighbourhood
by Charles Graves

Neighbours were shocked at the murder of the frail, inoffensive old lady. They knew Mrs. Love as a friendly but quiet woman who never spoke badly of anyone. She married in the 1920s but had lived alone since her husband Arthur, left her just after World War Two. Mrs. Love had become a loner venturing out only on shopping trips or to visit her few relatives in the area.

Mr. Fred Blundell (80), who lives across the street from Mrs. Love’s home, said: “She was a wonderful old lady with a very pleasant nature.It is difficult to believe what has happened. Mrs. Love wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s just terrible.” Mr. Blundell and his wife have lived in Station Road for 49 years about the same time as Mrs Love.

Retired shoe worker Mr. Arthur Buckby (66), who lives two doors away, said: “She was so quiet but would always say hello. I don’t think she had any interests really. She had a cat and I don’t know what will happen to that now.”

Near neighbour Mr. Alfred Keech, an 84 year old widower, said: “Mrs Love was such an inoffensive woman really. She has been something of a loner for years since her husband left her. She used to go to Kettering quite a lot to see friends but in recent years she only came out of the house to do the shopping or sweep the front. I hadn’t seen her for a few days, though. I don’t think she’d been about much in all this bad weather.”

From another cutting:

The news came as a terrible shock to 66 year old Miss Lucy Ayres, who lives next door at number 33. Mrs Ayres said she last saw Mrs Love at 10am on Saturday morning. “I went round to see if I could get her anything. She was sitting by the fire reading a paper and seemed her normal quiet, cheerful self. I have told her on numerous occasions not to open the door to strangers. The whole thing didn’t really hit me until last night. I heard nothing yesterday morning. The first I knew was when a policeman knocked on my door. It’s such a terrible thing – it could easily have been me.”

Mrs Love worked for 50 years as a sample hand at Coles Boot Company in Burton Latimer. But she was forced to retire when she stumbled in the garden and broke her leg three or four years ago.

“I went in every day for three months and she has had a home help since then. But I don’t think the home help went yesterday because her children were on holiday,” said Mrs Ayres. She still used to get about and often went to Kettering to see her cousin. She also has a nephew in the Rushden area.”

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