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List compiled by Janet Meads 2005

Militia List 1781

Militia Lists

By virtue of an Order from His Majesty’s & Deputy Lieutenants for the said County whose Hands and Seals are thereunto subscribed and set, at a General Meeting for that purpose assembled, unto me directed, all the men usually and at this time dwelling within your constable wick, between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years, distinguishing their Ranks and Occupations.       1781.

John Northern, wevear
Thomas Shipley, labrow
Richard Shipley, labrow
George Hollon, commer
Edward Ginn, sarvant
Samual Wright, sarvant
James Dickinson, labrow
Edward Belemey, sarvant
Joseph Craggot, sarvant
John Danils, sarvant
Thomas Sudborow, showmaker
<Thomas Hull, sarvant>
John Hughes, weelright
<Thomas Hughes, sarvant>
James Broachear, labrow
John Dix, millor
Thomas Eady, sarvant
Francis Brigs, labrow
Thomas Belemey, sarvant
Robert Belemey, sarvant
William Eady, sarvant
John Ball, mason
Samuel Ginnins, wevear
Edward Dorden, labrow
<Thomas Vorley, cordwindor>
<Joseph Patrick, wevear>
Thomas Danils jnr,wevear
Thomas Payne, tailor
David Chamblin, wevear
Benjiman Coalman, sarvant
Joseph Millor, wevear
Joseph Patrick, wevear
Joseph Driver, shepord
Joshua Jonson, pedlor
William Jonson, sarvant
Samuel Smith, wevear
John Garratt, sarvant
Samuel Garratt, millor
James Carvy, millor
Thomas Wood, farmor
John Stils, sarvant
Joseph Sudborow, farmor
John Timson, sarvant
Thomas Mason, wevear
Samuel Patrick, mason
Thomas Croxon, weelright
William Croxon, carpendor
John Robinson, farmor
Samuel Colson, wevear
John Coals, labrow
Robert Capps, buchear
Thomas Capps, buchear
Charls Hodson, labrow
William Northor jnr, tailor
John Sudborow, shumakear
Francis Robinson, farmor
George Robinson, labrow
William Mays, sarvant
Eady Langley, wevear
Daved Millor, wevear
Francis Tolton, wevear
William Arnold, wevear
<Mickel Lamb, labrow>
Thomas Eady, gardnor
Henry Eady, wevear
Edmund Eady jnr, farmor
William Eady, millor
Samuel Neal, shepord
George Eady jnr, shepord
John Glovear, carpendor
James Cox, shawmakears
Willm. Cox, shawmakears
Samual Timson, millor

Signed by Thos. Hughes, Constable.

Militia Lists

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