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List compiled by Janet Meads 2005

Militia List 1762

Militia Lists

A list made December 11th 1762 of the persons' names in the town and parish of Burton Latimer in the County of Northampton and Hundred of Huxloe, according to a precept received for raising the Militia in the County of Northampton aforesaid      To Avit.

Mathew Keach, weaver
Richard Norris, mason
Ren Higgins, servant
Thomas Reeve, labourer
Thomas Tebbutt, servant
William Nutt, servant
Anthony Bird, labourer
John Blunsome, labourer
James Bellamy, farmer
William Maies jnr. labourer
Edward Ginn jnr. farmer
Thos. Garratt, miller
Henry Ginn, carpenter
William Falkner, sert. miller
John Sudborough jnr. farmer
Thos. Burnaby, sert. miller
Robert Capps, butcher
Ezekiel Ager, sert. miller
James Hughes, wheelwright
Samuel Wallis, grazier
Samuel Threadgold, labourer
Thos. his servant, shepherd
Samuel Lilly, labourer
William Croxon, blacksmith
Edmund Eady, farmer
William Day, miller
Thomas Mee, baker
John Grange, labourer
Frances Mee, farmer
Moses Patrick, mason
Jos. Sudborough jnr. shoemaker
John Parsons, mason
Edward Swincett, servant
John Holmes, farmer
<William Dunmore, lame>
Simon West, weaver
Samuel Stiles jnr, labourer 
Joseph Peacock, servant
<John Pulver, farmer, blind>
Samuel Driver, weaver
Samuel Richardson, shepherd
Francis Chamberlain, labourer
John Wallis, farmer
Henry Maies, labourer
John Braybrooke, servant
William Ball, mason
William Penn, taylor
Henry Eady, gardener
Samuel Baker, carpenter
<Thomas Daniels jnr, lame, weaver> 
Francis Wood Robinson, farmer
Nathaniel Daniels, weaver
Henry Robinson, farmer
Reuben Muns, gardener
Edward Hull, labourer
William Patrick, weaver
John Joyce, servant
John Langley, labourer
John Pickett jnr, weaver
William Buttler, shepherd
Edward Wood, labourer
William Sturgis, labourer
Thos. Hughes, wheelwright
John Patrick, weaver
Edward Hughes jnr,  ditto
Michael Maies, labourer
John Hughes, farmer
William Woolston, labourer
John Whitterring, labourer
John Mason jnr, weaver
John Chapman, labourer
John Lee, servant
Edward Ault, Officer of Excise
Richard Hills, labourer
William Kemshead, weaver

Take notice the list is ordered to be carry’d in to the sign of the Red Lyon in Rothwel on Thursday the 23rd of this month by nine of clock in the morning, those that think themselves aggrieved hereby to appear at the place aforesaid.

Militia Lists

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