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Town Trail Point 11

The Yews

Photograph of The Yews seen from the south-east
Right - The Yews, seen from the south-east

A painting of The Yews seen from the road
The Yews in 1914

In 1893 Princess Kaiulani stayed at The Yews in Burton Latimer with her former headmistress from Harrowden School , Mrs Sharp. Click here to read about the Princess.

In the early part of the last century, it was the home of the prominent local citizen and businessman, Charles Barlow. and later for many years by Mr. Oliver Tailby.

Memories from Tony Palmer: Occasionally I would visit ‘The Yews’ in Kettering Road, Burton Latimer. It was a grand house with a large garden. Oliver, or Uncle Ollie as he was known to me, lived there with Lucy and Ron Palmer and his wife Margery. Ron was the son of Albert and Florence Palmer. I was told that Oliver paid for Ron to be educated at Kimbolton School.

The large garden had heated greenhouses and a vegetable plot. Fruit trees were also very prevalent. At the top of the garden was a tennis court which was overgrown. If you walked on the garden path for its full length and turned left at the top you could then enter Station Road. The local policemen called at ‘The Yews’ and used this path quite regularly. The gardener was Harry Cole who had a market garden in Burton.

Photograph of Oliver and Lucy Tailby with parents Photograph of Oliver Tailby in his office at Whitney & Westley Ltd
Oliver and Lucy Tailby with parents
Oliver Tailby at Whitney & Westley Ltd

I believe Oliver was a local magistrate and also the chief accountant for Whitney & Westley’s shoe factory in Finedon Street. He was at the factory in 1954."

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