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Town Trail Point 2

Baptist Chapel

View of Baptist Chapel from the south-east
Right - the view of the Baptist Chapel
from the south-east

View of Baptist Chapel showing Meeting Lane
Located in Meeting Lane, Burton Latimer Baptist Church is regarded as one of the better examples of the early ironstone meeting houses built at the start of the non-conformist movement. In 1744, Mr John Yeomans, a local landowner, provided most of the money for the original meeting house. He became the Church's first pastor at the age of 34 and remained until his death in 1776 when he left his property and a small library for future Ministers' use.

In 1813 a Sunday School was started in a cottage opposite the chapel, now Nutcracker Cottage. Baptisms during the years 1828 to 1842 are said to have taken place in the river Ise.

Photograph of plaque on front wall of chapel
Plaque on front of chapel

In 1832 the chapel was enlarged to seat 280 at a cost of £340. Continued growth over the years led to the building of the Assembly Room and in 1809 the church was again enlarged and an upper storey was added in 1892.

John Yeomans Hall was constructed in 1993 replacing a building known as the Lower Schoolroom built in 1848. The construction of the new hall was made possible through a deal made with with Kettering Borough Council which built Yeomans Court, a sheltered accommodation development including a new Manse, on land at the end of Meeting Lane owned by the Baptists and known as Chapel Field.

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