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Introduction to The Round House presented by Margaret Craddock

The Round House –
Waterloo Tower

Photograph of the Round House

This folly was constructed on the Thrapston Road leading from Finedon and although in the parish of Burton Latimer, it stands where the boundaries of Addington, Woodford and Finedon also meet.  It was built in the early and mid 19th century and has late 20th century alterations.  It consists of a 3-storey round tower (reminiscent of a Martello tower) with 2-storey blocks to the right and the rear.  There is a large cross-shaped panel on the tower containing the words “Panorama, Waterloo ,Victory, June 18, AD, 1815”. 

The tower was built for the Arbuthnot family from Woodford House in the nearby village of Woodford.  This followed a visit by the Duke of Wellington who remarked that the surrounding countryside, looking right from the Thrapston Road across the Nene valley, reminded him of the field of Waterloo, the site of the famous battle.

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