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The Round House - Holley Family

Information from Michael Putman, great-grandson of Harry Holley, given Dec 2007

Photograph of wedding of John Holley to Florence Rogers

Harry Holley (second from left at the back ) at the wedding of son John (Jack ) Holley to Florence Rogers, Mary Ann Holley is seated in the front on the left of the picture.

My Great Grandfather Harry Holley was born at Thrapston in 1868. He grew up at the Round House, Burton Latimer with his older brother, Frederick Holley, who was also born in Thrapston  (1866). Their father was William Holley who was a farmer in Burton Latimer. William Holley also kept and ran the Round House as an alehouse/public house known as (Waterloo Victory). He was assisted in this by his wife Ann (Ann Bosworth) and the two sons, Harry my grandfather and Frederick his brother.

Harry Holley became a Blacksmith and in 1892 married Mary Ann Hawkes. They had  four sons.

William Holley himself was born in Eaton Socon the son of John Holley and Rebecca Wildman. William married Ann Bosworth in Hail Weston in 1849.

Mary Ann Hawkes, Harry's wife was born in Wansford the daughter of John and Fanny Ann Hawkes. Mary Ann Hawkes was a shoe machinist when she met Harry. Her father John Hawkes worked as an Engine Driver.

Photograph of Harry Holley, his wife and his son Photograph of Harry Holley with his wife and Daisy Small , the wife of Albert Holley
Harry Holley with his son Albert and Mary Ann Hawkes

Harry Holley with Mary Ann Hawkes on the right. In the middle is Daisy Small, the wife of Harry's son, Albert Holley

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