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List compiled by Claire Weiss, 2006

The Signatories of
Annie Potter's Autograph Book

Annie Potter's Autograph Book, signed by Empire soldiers recuparating in Burton Latimer in the years 1917-1919
A double page from the autograph book, signed by Empire soldiers

We present here the summary of the signatures inside Annie Potter's Autograph Book. She wrote a list on the inside of the front and back covers, and these have been cross-matched to entries signed by the soldiers themselves. Sometimes there is a difference in the spellings of the names, and we have presented both versions of the names, in columns 1 and 3.

There are a number of signatories in the book for which there are no equivalent entries on the inside covers. These are listed in the third section below.

The information has been collated from close examination of the book and the scans of the pages, and is presented here in good faith. If anyone finds errors or discrepancies, or has additional information to offer on individual soldiers, we would be pleased to be contacted so that this page can be updated.

Name Inside
Front Cover
Origin Signature on Pages Rank
Military unit Address
S Shockman New Zealander S Shockman

3rd Reserve Bttn,
Otago Regiment, NZ
c/o GPO Wellington, NZ,
also Kirwee, Canterbury, NZ
H Richmond New Zealander H Richmond [Harold H.]

[Green Island]
T Brown New Zealander T Brown

Sergent Regan Canadian N W Regan Sergeant

1st Canadian Imp Bttn Glens D, Calgary, Alberta,
Pte Wilson American J H Wilson Private

102 Canadian Bttn 143 Heures St. Brooklyn,
Pte Husha American Husha Private

Sapper Wal Sammon
Wal Sammon Sapper

Carl Nelson Canadian Carl Nelson

Paul Mauer Canadian Paul Maurer

Lionel Edwards South African Lionel Edwards

Otto Gaube Canadian E O Gaube

54th Canadian Hootenay Bttn Penticton, British Columbia,
George Anderson Australian G B Anderson Private
14th Bttn, Australian Inf Forces 101 Creswick St, Footscray,
Will Nugent Australian W Nugent

D Company, 23rd Battn,
Australian Inf Forces

Douglas Quinn Australian Douglas Quinn

Walter Breen Australian Walter J Breen Corporal

A Company, 20th Battn, AIF Henry Creek, Holly Hill,
Melbourne, Vict
Ernest Burke Australian E L Burke

MGD, Australian Inf Forces 182 Victoria St. Sth Richmond,
Melbourne, Victori
Stanley James Turner Australian Stan James Turner Private
22nd Bttn, Australian Imperial Force Cemetary Rd. Stanwell,
Herbert Harvey NSW 7 Herbert J Harvey
A Company, 1st Bttn,
Australian Inf Forces
Los Angeles', Booth St.
Annandale, Sydney
Donald Walsh NSW 3 D A Walsh Private
No 4 Command, 54th Bttn, AIF
Charlie Clement Adelaide C R Clements
5th Pioneer Bttn, AIF
Driver Martin Adelaide Martin [John] Driver

Roy Arnold NSW Roy Vincent Arnold Corporal
A Company, 20th Battn, AIF Excelsior', 78 Alexandra St.
Crows Nest, N. Sydney
Will P Graham NSW W B Graham (Pat)
56th Bttn, Australian Inf Forces 53 West St. Darlinghurst,
Will Gallagher NSW W E Gallagher
56th Bttn, Australian Inf Forces Kinloss, Frederick St.
Rockdale, NSW
Percy Mourant NSW

Bert Brynne NSW H S Byrne Private 
B Company, 37th Bttn,
Australian Inf Forces

Tom Richards Queenslander

Ted Arnsbury NSW

Dick Stockwell NSW

Inside Back Cover Origin Signature on Pages Rank
Military unit Address
Harry Lommax Aust. NSW H Lomax

56th Bttn,
Australian Inf Forces

Jim O'Brien NSW

Andrew Machlin Vic. Melbourne

William Haywood Tasmania Wm Haywood

12th Bttn
Serg de Bamford Tasmanian T De Bomford Sergeant

3. D.A.C.
Australian Field Artillery
Burnie, Tasmania
Serg T Ryall Victoria

Serg H Howson Western Australia

Jack Harrington Queenslander J Harrington

1st Bttn,
Australian Inf Forces
c/o Mrs Regles,
McHlionaith Ave.
Norman Park, Brisbane
Ben Reese Queenslander A B Reese

Sth Brisbane, Queensland
Jim Stanton Victoria

Percy Hooker Victoria P J Hooker (Pat)

Bexley, Russell St.
Herbert Redford NSW

Alfred Parrish Australian Albert C Parrish

Kangaroo Valley, NSW
Tom Ward Queenslander T H Ward

Gootchie, No C Line,
Antony Hardge NSW A Hardge Private

William Mills Victoria W E Mills

Jack Shroder Queenslander J P Shroder

Tolga, Queensland
George Taylor Western Australia W George Taylor Spr
2nd Australian - Company, AIF 11 Edgar St.
South Kalgoorlie, WA
Stan McQuinn Dixie, Australia J S McQuinn

Cobden, Victoria
Harry Delahey Victoria Henry J Delahey

80 Charles St.
Footscray, Victoria
George Bryan Victoria

Other Entries

The following entries are found on individual pages, but the names do not appear on the inside covers of the book

Signature on Pages Rank Number Military Unit Address

J R Ellis Private

14th Battn
Australian Inf Forces


R H Stubbs Private


S B Baish

Sid Baish


R H Dean Private

Queens Royal West Surreys

L Shrive

R Hall



Lucy Styles

M Towers

E F Armstrong


Australia Sister E Jones

Rossetti, Suffolk Rd,
Surrey Hills, Victoria

An Aussie

Stan E. Jones Private 3094 22nd Battn AIF Stawell, Victoria
Stan James Sumner NOTE: Stan E Jones (above) and Stan James Sumner are the same person. Ref: Australian Army Records Cemetery Road, Stawell, Victoria

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