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Written by Stan Simons 1999, reproduced by kind permission of his daughter Diana Glasspool.

The cover of Stan Simons' autobiography
The Story of Stan:

The cover of Stan Simons' autobiography

My Dad died 20th November 2003 having lived to see his 63rd Wedding Anniversary and the birth of his first Great Grandchild, Abigail Mary Glasspool on 30th September 2003.

Mary Simons [nee Ashby] has recently moved to an apartment in a Retirement Village, and at almost 92 years of age is enjoying life and looking forward to the birth of her 2nd Great-Granddaughter any day now.

Mum was thrilled when her grandson Richard [following in her footsteps] became a St John Ambulance Cadet and Leader. He now works as a Parkinson Specialist Nurse covering the North of Northamptonshire [inc. Burton Latimer].

Burton Latimer Parish Church is the final resting place of Dad, in an unmarked grave, but with a tree of remembrance. My mother’s parents, three brothers and one sister are also buried at the churchyard.

Having written the book of his life for the family, Dad would have been thrilled that extracts were being used to pass information to a wider audience through the Internet.

Thanks for the memories Dad.

Diana Glasspool [ nee Simons ]

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