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"Daily Star" Award

Pam Mills and her Daily Star Gold Star Pam Mills presented with the Gold Star by Lennox Lewis
Pam Mills and her "Daily Star" Gold Star, presented to her by Lennox Lewis

Picture of Star Award Badge Picture of Star Award

The Invitation
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As shown in the Daily Star report of August 22nd, 1996, Pam Mills' bravery earned her the award of one of the newspaper's prestigious Gold Stars. The ceremony took place at the Savoy Hotel in London on March 19th, 1997.

The televised event honoured some dozen people who like Pam had shown courage in the face of adversity, and was attended by a wide range of sporting and media personalities, some of whom did the presentations. Pam was presented with her Gold Star by Lennox lewis, who at the time was the undisputed World heavyweight Boxing Champion.

The day before the ceremony and the photos, the group were taken off to Downing Street for a reception with Prime Minister John Major.

images of the days are shown in the gallery below

Picture of invitation to Daily Star Gold Awards Pam Mills with Lennox Lewis
Rob & Pam Mills with Geoff Capes Downing Street reception
Left: Rob and Pam Mills with Geoff Capes. Right and Below: at the Downing Street reception
Downing Street reception

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