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Article transcribed by Sally Crane

Beginnings of the Bridle Road - Queensway Development 1963

The southern end of Bridle Road in 1960, before the development began
and the link to an extended Queensway was created

This is a transcription of an article which appeared in the local press - probably in late 1963 (it mentions a start to building "in the new year", and Shakespeare Drive was built in 1964). The official title of the general housing development on the site of the former Denton's Farm was "The Meadow View Development", but most people tended to refer to it by the name of its major road and called it the Churchill Way Estate.

It is sometimes forgotten that before Denton's farmhouse was demolished and the first houses began to appear in Churchill Way, bungalows had already been built at the opposite end of the development, on the site of the former allotments and a caravan site.

First show house of major development programme ready in the New Year

In a few years the “triangle” around which Burton Latimer is built will be completely “filled” in and the first stage in this major development programme has already begun.

At present development in the town has been along Station Road, High Street and Finedon Road with another area along Cranford Road developed.  The new scheme will mean that the triangle of land  between Station Road, High Street and Finedon Road - at present allotment fields and farmland - will be completely built over, providing homes for a large number of people.  The area was made available for development by the laying of a new sewer which has just been completed.

At present the site plan for the development of the allotment land - sixteen and a half acres in all -  has been approved and the contractors B. A. Evans, the Burton Latimer builders, hope to have their first show house ready in the New Year.

The plan provides for 140 bungalows, though provision has been made for houses if purchasers want them, and a block of shops with living accommodation in flats.  A large site has also been reserved by the Northamptonshire County Education Committee for a new junior school.

Mr. C. Evans, who has been handling the scheme for the firm, told a “Leader” reporter that inquiries have already been received from prospective customers about the plans.

The plans, he said, have been drawn up so that they can be altered according to demand.  “If houses are wanted we can build them” he said “and if anyone should want to build a public house on the site, it can be arranged.  But in the first instance we are planning to build only the bungalows and the shops”.

The bungalows are all modern in design – there are eight different types – and plenty of colour will be used in building materials to avoid any hint of monotony.

The proposed road will link up with Finedon Road via Finedon Street and Whitney Road with Station Road via Bridle Road and with Regent Street and there will eventually be a new road leading to High Street near the Council Offices.

For people living on the Finedon Road estate there will be a new way into Kettering – via the new estate roads and then along Polwell Lane – thus avoiding the busy High Street.

Other developments in the town include the utilisation of the present Caravan Site off Regent Road and the alteration to the town’s main road – the A6 – near The Cross.

The Cross is to be moved into the council office gardens: making room for the reconstruction and alteration of the Church Street – High Street junction by the County Council.

An enlargement of the Evans sign shown in the photo at the top of
the page. It is a real 'sign of the times' in that the new properties
were going on sale for £1,950 - a figure which represented about
three years' earnings to the average worker, but nowadays would
hardly get you a decent second-hand car......

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