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Taken from 'The Kettering Leader', Friday October 15th,1943

“Wings” Plaque for Burton Latimer

Burton Latimer Wings for Victory plaque was presented to the Council at their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening by Squadron Leader R Waring D.F.C. and bar.

Squadron Leader Waring, who was welcomed by the Chairman (Coun. R J. Mackintosh) said that Burton had exceeded its target by £7,000 and he was pleased to note that it was the small investors who had made up the sum.

"The R.A.F. is trying to shorten and win the war and the small investor and the ordinary man are doing all they can to help" he concluded.

It will be recalled that Burton's target of £22,000 was smashed and the sum of £29,000 was raised.

The Clerk (Mr. L.G. Smalley) re­ported that certificates of honour issued by the Secretary of State for Air to savings groups who passed their individual targets had been awarded to several local factories, two street groups and the W.V.S., Burton Latimer Council School, St. Mary's Infant School and St. Mary's Mixed School.


Sadly, this plaque has gone missing, along with another one from the Navy. For a number of years after the War they were on display at the Council offices. They may have gone missing at the time of Local Government reorganisation in the early 1970s.

If anyone knows of their whereabouts, the Society and the Council would be grateful to hear of it.

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