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Article compiled by John Meads 2005

Burton Latimer Roll of Honour


This Roll of Honour gives the names of 501 men who went away to serve in the 1914 – 18 War.
  • Those names highlighted red are marked on the Roll as having died. Some names appear on the Roll but not on the War Memorial and vice-versa.
  • Men named on the War Memorial who are not on the Roll are at the end of the list.
  • Names and initials are printed as they appear on the Roll, these sometimes do not correspond with the names inscribed on the Memorial. Forenames on the War Memorial tended to be the name by which the men were popularly known, not always their proper name.
  • A mistake seems to have been made on the Roll over the initials of two Knightons; G.J. Knighton survived but H. E (Edward) died.
  • Because seven men appear on the Memorial but not on the Roll, it can be assumed that there were others that served and came home again but are not on the Roll.

The art work on the original framed roll was done by Martin G. Ball. Martin would have been twenty-two years old when the roll was started in 1917, but he does not appear on it himself. The Roll is in the keeping of Burton Latimer Heritage Society, as is the first War Memorial, which is made of wood and was originally fixed on the Old Rectory wall in Church Street .

345 of these men were listed as absent voters at the time of the 1918 General Election.

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