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Source : un-named local paper, thought to be dated October 1932

Mothers' Outing c.1900

Burton Latimer Mothers' Meeting Outing at Franklin's Gardens, Northanpton, in about 1900

This article was featured in a local paper in the early 1930s.

It appears to be a follow-up to a previous request for information on or identification of a featured photo.

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Note: as it is scanned from a newspaper, the quality is not detailed, and the size means that loading will be slow on a dial-up connection.

Burton Latimer Mothers’ Meeting

For the best description of the above photograph, the prize offered is awarded for the following to Mrs. C. Rowell, 27, Newman-street, Burton Latimer.

This photo is of members of the Burton Latimer Mothers' Meeting, and was taken about 33 years ago on the occasion of an outing to Franklin's Gardens, Northampton.

Reading from left to right, the group includes:—

Back row: Mrs. S. Buse (deceased); Mrs. J. Capps (deceased); Mrs. A. Dicks, Kettering-road, Burton Latimer; Mrs. H. Henman. Spencer-street, Burton Latimer; Mrs Webb (deceased); Mrs. W. Goodman, Newman-street, Burton Latimer; Mrs. I. Chamberlain, Burton Latimer; Mrs. E. Howard, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Bolton, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Wood (deceased).

Second row: Mrs. Keech (deceased); Mrs. J. Mason (deceased); Mrs. W. Mason (deceased); Mrs. Issitt (deceased); Mrs. Devereaux (deceased); Mrs. C. Hull, Burton Latimer; Mrs. J. Randall (deceased); Mrs. W. Hodson, Burton Latimer; Mrs. A. Ball (deceased); Mrs. Styles. Burton Latimer, and the Rev. H. Priestland; Mrs. T. Basford (deceased).

Next I believe Mrs. Buckby, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Pendered; Mrs. A. Turner (deceased); Mrs. Goodier. Burton Latimer; Mrs. W. West, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Farrow (deceased); Mrs. Knighton (deceased) ; Mrs. E. Eady (deceased); Mrs. Blowfield (deceased); Mrs. W. Dicks (deceased) .

Third row: Mrs. Freestone (deceased); Mrs. J. Randall, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Reynolds (deceased); Mrs. Leaks, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Willis (deceased); Mrs. T. Eady (deceased); Mrs. W. Fox (deceased); Mrs. Jacques, now of Orlingbury Hail; Mrs. Priestland, now of Norwich; Mrs. S. Clipson, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Palmer; Mrs. Melton, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Sawyer (deceased); Mrs. Ambler, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Coles (deceased); Mrs. Wright (deceased) .

Front row: Mrs. Styles (deceased); Mrs. Hickman (deceased); Mrs. Barlow, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Capps, Burton Latimer; Mrs. Austin (deceased); Mrs. F. Dicks, now of Kettering; Mrs. Cockayne, Burton Latimer; Mrs. G. Westley (deceased); Mrs. W. Eady (deceased); Mrs. J. W. West (deceased) ; Mrs. J. Toseland (deceased); Mrs. Richards (deceased); Mrs. A. Granger (deceased); and Mrs. T. Dicks (deceased).

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