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Document transcribed by Karen Hadley

Cinema at Burton Latimer
(Summary of District Valuer’s Report - March 1961)


The land and buildings comprising the Electric Palace Cinema, 96 High Street in the Urban District of Burton Latimer and County of Northamptonshire as shown on the Ordnance Survey Plan XXXII-7 (1900 Edition) together with all the boiler fuel, cinema equipment, fittings, fixtures and furnishings as existing and in accordance with the attached schedule.

2. Vendor’s Interest

Freehold, with vacant possession upon completion of purchase.

3. Area

730 square yards or thereabouts.

4. Restrictions and Liabilities

None disclosed, but it is believed that there are rights of way over the passages leading from the cinema to the trunk road.

5. Amount of Compensation (terms in accordance with provision of Town & Country Planning Act, 1959)

£1,550 – made up as follows:-

i) Land £275
ii) Buildings £1,100
iii) Fittings £175

6. Estimated life of buildings if properly maintained

Not less than thirty years

7. Fees and Costs

a)     Surveyor’s fees – vendor to be responsible.

b)     Solicitor’s costs – each party to be responsible for own proper legal costs.


1 grand piano 2 12" loud speakers on baffle
1 tweeter speaker unit and horn 1 screen and tubular frame
1 pair stage curtains with track and winch 5 “Exit” boxes
4 pairs door curtains 3 banks of footlights
249 tip-up seats 6 fire extinguishers
1 asbestos blanket in container 1 12v. emergency battery lighting unit
1 film storage cabinet, spools and rewinder 1 amplifier
2 Kalee 12 projectors with soundheads, stands and arc lamps 2 inductors for supply to arc lamps
quantity of coke 1 electric wall clock
1 record player

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