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Article from Kettering "Evening Telegraph" 1990s

Footbridge Re-opened

Two villages are re-united

Two communities were celebrating this week after a bridge between them, which was severely vandalised, was reopened.

The footbridge between Isham and Burton Latimer was torn down in May and local councillors and residents feared it could take months to replace it.

The 15-foot bridge is part of a link between the two villages that has been there for over a century.

After it was vandalised. Burton Latimer town council, Isham parish council and the county council rallied round to make sure the bridge was replaced as soon as possible.

The current bridge was started at the beginning of August, took five days to build and cost Northamptonshire County Council more than £5,000.

Cllr Marion York, from Burton Latimer Town Council, said: "This bridge is important to the people of both commu­nities as so many people use it."

Cllr Mike Boss, county council environment spokesman, said: "This is the best bridge we have built. Part of the reason why we wanted it replaced so quickly was to show people that this is a right of way and we did not want the bridge to stay down."

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