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Original newspaper article from the Kettering Evening Telegraph in their "Down Memory Lane" feature, transcribed by Sarah Gilbert.

Sunday School Outing

Baptist Church Sunday School outing by waggon - 1908
Baptist Sunday School Outing 1908

Down Memory Lane

This lovely picture was taken in Burton Latimer – and from the style of the dresses we guess the date was probably between 1900 and 1910.

More than that we don’t know – perhaps one of our readers might be able to help us out?

It looks as if these ladies and their children were setting off on a special outing – but where to. and what was the occasion?

Look closely at the children at the front and you’ll see that one of them is holding a flag.

One thing’s certain: they wouldn’t have had a very comfortable ride with those solid wheels!

A Reply to the paper from Douglas Ashby:

OUTING: the old Burton Latimer picture shown in your Down Memory Lane series dates from around 1910 and portrays a scene in Meeting Lane outside the Baptist Chapel and could well be a Sunday School outing.

Obviously loaned for the occasion, the wagon belonged to T J Wallis Ltd, who were millers at the mill which is now Weetabix.

My grandfather, John Meadows, would use his own wagon and horse to cart flour and corn for Wallis’s and on one occasion his daughter Lilian (my mother), when a girl in 1912, had her toes smashed while trying to steady the horse.

Douglas Ashby
Home Farm
Burton Latimer.

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