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Photo and article submitted by Tony Jolley, 2008

The Night Hawks

Local rock group The Night Hawks - seen in 1960 at The Palace Cinema, Burton Latimer

After the onset of the Rock n' Roll era of the mid-late 1950s, popular music changed, and with it the nature of bands and groups formed by local young men. The age of the electric guitar and amplified instruments had arrived. The guitar succeeded because it was relatively cheap, was fairly easy to learn, and enabled young men (female players of electric guitars were few and far between, and girl groups were very, very rare) to produce the kind of music which their age group liked to listen to and dance to.

This photo was taken in 1960 at the Palace Cinema, Burton Latimer. The group was called The Night Hawks and the members (L-R) are Mick Clark, Anthony Dee, Bob Jolley, Ian Thomas (Bomber) on drums & Gerry Cook, who used to live on the Crescent.

In their heyday, the group graced many a local stage, including The Granada and Odeon Cinemas in Kettering, and at least on one occasion performed on the 'Rec' on Burton parade day.

If any former members of The Night Hawks - or anyone remembering their time together - can add any further details to this article, we would be pleased to hear from them.

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