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Burton Latimer Swifts FC

Burton Latimer Swifts - 1909 Burton Latimer Swifts 1911-2
Burton Latimer Swifts (left - 1909, right - 1911-12)

Two photos of the club's teams have survived, and from the trophies we can see that they were one of the more successful local sides.


Burton Latimer Swifts Football Club 1909
BL Swifts FC 1909

No names were attached to the photo, but one has been identified, and comparison
with the 1911-12 photo below enables us to identify a few of the faces.

Back Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Middle Row: ?, ?, Harold Bailey (Finedon), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Front Row: ?, F Whittemore, ?, S Cleaver, ?, ?, ?,

Please contact us if you can supply any further information or identification


Burton Latimer Victoria Football Club : Season 1895-6
BL Swifts FC 1911-12

Back Row: L Clarke, B James, C Patrick, W James, B Hume, G Loake, W Tee
Middle Row: F Norton, E Grainger, S Cleaver, F Underwood, F Whittemore, R Looms
Front Row: H Issard, H Hume

The 1911-12 photo is a poignant reminder of how quickly things changed. Examination of the list of Burton men commemorated on the War Memorial for the First World War shows that four years after this photo was taken, Fred Whittemore and Harry Hume in front of him were both dead at the age of 22.

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