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Burton Latimer Baptists FC

Burton Latimer Baptist FC circa 1938

The Burton Latimer Baptists football team pictured about 1938.

Back Row: 1. Fred Wells, 2. Arthur Freestone, 3. Arthur Buckby, 4. Philip Buckby, 5. Len Patrick, 6. Jack Smith, 7. ? Whitehead, 8. B Cheney , 9. Don Whiting, 10. Gilbert Neville, 11. P Stokes, 12. Herbert Chester, 13. C Grainger, 14. Jim Austin

Middle Row: 1. Ron Palmer, 2. Rev A A McNaughton, 3. W Griffiths, 4. G E Gilbert, 5. A Wittering

Front Row: 1. George Birnie, 2. F Wood

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