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St Mary's BC

Burton Latimer St Mary's FC - possibly early 1900's

The team name on the shirts is "St Marys BC" - could this be "Boys Club" or maybe "Bible Class". Judging by the style of the shirts and pose of the player on the right, the photograph probably dates from the early twentieth century. Mr Boulton, the trainer, is the only known name.

Back Row: 1. Mr Boulton, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----, 5. ----?----

Middle Row: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----

Kneeling: 1.(Left) ----?----, 2.(Right) ----?----

Front Row: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----

If you can add any of the missing names, please get in touch

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